Chennai Police urges Twitter user not to post images of beef; deletes post after facing flak | #socialmedia

Greater Chennai Police commented on a Twitter user’s post of a food dish made from beef urging users in general to avoid such posts after it sparked a beef versus pork debate. However, the GCP deleted the comment after it received flak for alleged censorship.

The Greater Chennai Police Twitter account received flak from users for alleged censorship. (Representative image)


  • A Twitter user had posted an image of beef curry, sparking a debate over eating of beef versus pork
  • The Greater Chennai Police commented on the post, asking users not to post such images
  • However, the GCP had to remove the comment after it faced flak for alleged censorship

Chennai Police took to Twitter to ask users not to post images of beef. However, the greater Chennai Police Twitter account was forced to delete it after many users began questioning them.

The issue began when a Twitter account, with the username Abubacker, tweeted the image of a dish with the caption ‘beef curry’.

Immediately, the post began to face criticism from certain accounts, leading to a debate about eating beef versus eating pork.

Intervening at this point, the Greater Chennai Police (GCP) commented ‘please avoid such posts’. However, the comment started facing flak for alleged censorship on social media.

Dharmapuri DMK MP, Senthil Kumar, weighing in on the debate, tweeted, “Who handles this ID handle? Why and what is wrong with that post? This is unnecessary advice from Greater Chennai Police over what to post and what to eat!” stated Senthil Kumar.

He further expressed angst over the GCP for not having taken action against hundreds of false and abusive posts so far.

As many began to question the comment, the tweet was deleted from the GCP handle.

GCP also provided an explanation stating that the post was retweeted to the Greater Chennai Police Twitter handle. They said that’s why the GCP urged Twitter users not to do so, since the page is for public grievances, and they also apologised for mistakenly replying to Abubacker.

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