Check | Photo of ‘Chinese Hacker’ Used Falsely Pinning Blame for Facebook Outage | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

We conducted a reverse image search on the photo and found an article at the Daily Mail UK published on 8 October 2014 identifying him as Wang Zhengyang, a 13-year-old who’s been dubbed China’s ‘hacking prodigy’.

The report said that at the two-day ISC held in Beijing in 2014, Zhangyang had said that he wanted to “use his powers for good” and “those who hack all day for profit are immoral”.

We also found another news report on the website of ‘China News Service’, a state-owned news agency, published on 29 September 2014.

The photo caption reads, “Wang Zhengyang, the youngest hacker in China, attends and speaks at 2014 China Internet Security Conference in Beijing on 24 Sep 2014.”

Next, we also looked for any news reports by Reuters reporting about any such news using relevant keywords, but didn’t come across any.

It must be noted that Facebook had said in a statement that the incident was “purely an internal issue and there were no malicious third parties or bad actors involved in causing it”, adding that its investigation showed no impact to user data confidentiality or integrity.

Clearly, a photo of a Wang Zhengyang, who was 13-year-old in 2014, is being falsely shared as the hacker who was responsible for the outage.

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