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Mozilla updated Firefox to version 88 yesterday. Read our coverage to find out the nitty-gritty details.

I updated to the new version this morning, and noticed a couple of differences, particularly in the page context menu. Mozilla has made more changes under the hood in Firefox 88, to prep for the Proton interface design that’s set to debut in Firefox 89. These modifications weren’t listed in the change-log, but some folks over at reddit were quick to find them.

Let me walk you through the changes, and how to access them.

Open Image in New Tab

This is one change that I noticed, because I use it for my work (on other blogs) where I have to use it to fetch device renders from OEMs, product pages, etc. Instead of View Image, which normally opens the picture in the same tab, Firefox 88 has a new menu item captioned “Open image in New Tab”. As the name suggests, the image is loaded in a new tab. Technically this change isn’t a removal, but a sort of semi-renamed/replacement option for the original one.

Firefox 87 View Image context menu

You can optionally install the View Image Context Menu Item extension, to get the shortcut back in the context menu. If you ever come across a website that is preventing you from accessing the original image, and instead displays a gallery view or thumbnail, use the behind! add-on to view the picture. Missing the View Image Info that went poof with the Firefox 87 Update? The View Image Info Reborn extension restores the option.

Firefox 88 add-ons to enable View Image and View Image Info

Email Image

Firefox 88 brings a new menu item to email an image, which opens your default mail program and includes a link to the picture.

Firefox 88 Email Image context menu shortcut

Copy Link

Firefox 87 Copy Link Location context menu

The Copy Link Location shortcut that appears when you right-click on URLs, has been renamed to Copy Link.

Firefox 88 Copy Link context menu

View Page Info

Firefox 87 View Page Info context menu

The page context menu no longer has the View Page Info shortcut. But don’t worry, the option hasn’t been removed completely, and can be accessed in three ways. The most convenient method to access it is with the hotkey, Ctrl + I.

Firefox 88 View Page Info menu

Or, you may click the Alt button, (which should make the menubar appear) > Tools > Page Info. A more tedious workaround is to click the padlock on the address bar > Arrow button (Show Connection Details) > More Information.

Firefox 88 View Page Info

Note: View Page Info will be restored in Firefox 89, the Nightly version has a preference that you can toggle. It’s called

Reopen Closed Tab

Firefox 87 Undo closed tab - tab bar context menu

The tab context menu option, Undo Close Tab, has a new moniker, it’s now called Reopen Closed Tab.

Firefox 88 Reopen closed tab - tab bar context menu

The renaming of Copy Link, Reopen Closed Tab make sense to me, as does the option to open images in a new tab (which you could do with ctrl + click earlier). I find it funny how the developers claimed in Bugzilla that some of these options were “not found to be useful to users”, but they decided to introduce Email Image as an option. I think it would be easier to just save the image, and mail it to your contact, that way you’ll have an offline copy even if the picture gets taken down.

Reference links for Bugzilla: View Image, View Page Info, Take A Screenshot,

How do you feel about these changes? Were you using one of the options that have been removed from the context menu?


Changes in Firefox 88 that you may have missed: View Page Info, View Image, Reopen Closed Tab, and more

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Changes in Firefox 88 that you may have missed: View Page Info, View Image, Reopen Closed Tab, and more


We take a look at some UI changes Mozilla introduced with Firefox 88. A few menu items have been renamed, replaced or moved.




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