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Australians have been warned to remain on alert for a convincing phone scam.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has just flagged the ‘one scam’, which sees unsuspecting individuals receive a recorded message from someone claiming to be an Australian Border Force officer.

The message claims an arrest warrant had been issued after a parcel addressed to the person was intercepted and found to be containing illegal contents.

It then asks recipients to dial one.

Instead of doing that, the ACCC warns recipients of the call to “hang up immediately, it’s a scam”.

It’s estimated that more than $222 million has been lost to scams in Australia so far this year. has contacted the ABF and the ACCC for further comment.

In September, the ACCC’s ScamWatch issued a similar warning over an Australian Federal Police scam.

Scammers had been falsely identifying themselves as a Federal Agent and telling victims they have identified suspicious activity linked to their bank accounts. They then request personal details or ask their victim to deposit money into an AFP account.

ScamWatch says anyone who is contacted by a suspected scammer, should in the first instance, end the call and not call back.

Australians are being warned to be wary of calls claiming to be the Australian Border Force. File. Credit: Getty Images

“The AFP will never ask you to pay a fine with cash, cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, gift cards such as iTunes or Google Play, and will never call you to ask to you transfer funds into a bank account,” the regulator said.

“The AFP will never call, email or contact you via social media to threaten to arrest you, demand you withdraw money or ask you to confirm personal details over the phone.

“The AFP (and the Australian Government) will never seek payment for fines or other matters over the phone.

When in doubt, residents can call the AFP switchboard in their capital city, and speak with a genuine AFP employee.

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