Cases of Fraud By Misusing Codes on a Rise in Kolkata; Precaution, the Only Saviour, Say Police | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

Typing some codes suggested by an unknown dialer may bring your life at stake. This may cause both losses of your phone’s control and monetary damage. Even before anticipating some users that their personal information got leaked, either a loan of large sum amount get sanctioned in bank’s id or they started siphoning off money from people of their “phone-book”.

Police personnel from Kolkata added, “From last two months, the number of cases due to code hoax has climbed up”. For this fraud, Lalbazar (Kolkata Police Headquarter) have often advised people to take cautionary measures, they suggested not being the victim of the fraud by pressing any code. And if anything happened, they should lodge a complaint as soon as possible.

What is this Code?

According to the Police, “By placing symbols like *#@-&, a code can be created. Using this code one can get the whole command of one’s entire phone, or just the camera, speaker, and microphone. Even some code can create a complete breakdown of the phone even opening locked phone with these codes is not even intricate.” Police added, that previously mobile manufacturer companies used to create those codes for their purpose. Mainly, the codes are their personal property which is used for mobile servicing. But due to the afloat of the dark web, people used to hack mobile manufacturers’ servers and sell those codes. Presently, a lot of videos regarding code management are available on the internet.

How codes are causing fraud?

Police informed, that 21 and 401 is the most used code for hacking. After dialling the codes, one needs to follow some steps to swing the power over the entire phone to the hackers. Hackers are using pretexts like it can increase the internet speed. Users believe that many of their complaints are not yet solved. Since call forwarding is introduced, it’s become too easy to get a hand of OTP users are receiving on their phones regarding their bank transactions and passwords of social media handles. Lately, hackers are using the password and asking for money from their friends’ lists on social media.

How to combat it?

An officer from the Cyber Crime Department, Lalbazar informed, previously by asking to download apps, hackers used to fulfil their malicious target. But since people become prudent about the method, hackers changed their modus operandi and started using codes. He added only respite from this wicked scheme is to become more conscious while using our devices.

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