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Google Docs is a popular document editing and management platform for individual and shared editing of documents in real time. Free web-based software is integrated into the Google Drive storage service. This platform helps you create, edit, and seamlessly share documents online, making Google Docs accessible to others. Google Docs may not be able to read the file. In the first place, strange behavior can be attributed to a rough internet connection. Here are some solutions to address this issue:

1. Check your internet connection

Being completely web-based, you need a fast and stable internet connection to work with Google Docs. Everything is saved as you type, but input made without an internet connection may not be considered. To check if your system is operating an active internet connection:

step 1:[スタート]From the menu[設定]Open.

Step 2:[ネットワーク]>[インターネットステータス]Go to.

Step 3: You will see “Connected to the Internet”.

Alternatively, you can run a speed test to see if the connection is stable. If the problem persists, you can restart the router to eliminate it as the cause of the problem.

2. Log out of your Google account and log back in

If there is a problem with your Google account, Google Docs may not load the file correctly. Therefore, if you encounter an account authentication error, you can do something to rule out this issue. Simply go to the upper right corner of your browser and select your account. Log out of your current account and log back in using your login credentials.

3. Turn off Chrome extensions

In some cases, extensions can cause problems. It could be because they are out of date, aren’t actively maintained, or aren’t developing incompatibilities with Google Docs. If you have many Chrome extensions installed, you can disable them all and enable them one at a time later.

Step 1: Open Chrome and tap the 3-dot menu in the upper right.

Step 2:[その他のツール]>[拡張機能]Go to.

Step 3:[拡張機能]In the menu[削除]Click to remove them

4. Clear cache and cookies from Chrome

Chrome automatically saves your browsing data in a cached format. In some cases, it interferes with the loading process in Google Docs. Clearing the cache can improve browser performance and speed up the loading process.

Step 1: To clear the cache, click on the three dot menu in the upper right corner of Chrome.

Step 2:[その他のツール]>[閲覧データの消去]Go to.

Step 3: Check cached images and files, cookies and other site data boxes.

Step 4:[データを消去]Tap.

Step 5: Restart your Chrome browser and see if the Google Docs issue is resolved.

5. Reset Chrome settings

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome browser,[設定]Open.

Step 2:[詳細]Tap to open all settings.

Step 3:[リセット]When[クリーンアップ]Go to[設定を元のデフォルトに戻す]Click.

Keep in mind that this does not affect bookmarks, history, or stored passwords.

6. Secret mode

Chrome does not retain browsing data while browsing in incognito mode. Chrome tends to run smoother without a stored cache, history, or installed extensions. Therefore, we recommend opening Google Docs in incognito mode. To access secret mode:

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome.

Step 2: Click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

Step 3:[新しいシークレットウィンドウ]Tap.

7. Update your browser

Browsing performance may be degraded if you use an older version of Chrome. If you haven’t turned off the auto-update feature, Chrome will usually update on its own. To make sure you are using the latest Chrome version:

Step 1: Click Chrome’s 3-dot menu.

Step 2:[ヘルプ]>[GoogleChromeについて]Go to.

Step 3: If Chrome has already been updated, you will see a pop-up message saying “Google Chrome is up to date”. If not,[更新]You can continue by clicking the button.

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Can’t work because the Google Docs file doesn’t load?Here’s how to fix this:

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