Can COVID-19 vaccines cause magnetic reaction? Govt issues statement | #socialmedia

Several social media posts claiming that COVID-19 vaccines can make people ‘magnetic’ are doing rounds on the internet. Videos showing magnetic objects sticking to the arms of vaccine recipients are also being shared widely on social media, raising doubts about the safety of the vaccines.

Recently, a 71-year-old citizen from Nashik claimed that steel objects were sticking to his hands after taking the second dose of the Covishield vaccine. In a video that has now gone viral, Arvind Sonar can be seen sticking coins and steel to his arm after receiving vaccine jabs.

The senior citizen had taken a second dose of the vaccine at a private hospital two days ago. After learning about magnetism from social media, Sonar tried the trick on himself. He noticed that iron and steel object, mostly coins and spoons were sticking to his body.

Vaccines ‘cannot’ cause a magnetic reaction

However, the government has clarified that social media posts claiming that COVID-19 vaccines can make people magnetic are baseless. Stating that the vaccines against coronavirus are completely safe, the government added the COVID-19 vaccines cannot cause a magnetic reaction in the human body and do not contain any metal-based ingredients.

Press Information Bureau’s (PIB) fact-checking arm said it is common to experience mild side-effects like mild headaches, pain or swelling at the injection site, and mild fever after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, but not magnetic reaction. “Do not fall prey to misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines and get vaccinated,” it further added.

Why do some people get side effects after COVID-19 vaccines?

Temporary side effects including headache, fatigue and fever are signs the immune system is revving up — a normal response to vaccines. And they’re common.

Here’s what’s happening: The immune system has two main arms, and the first kicks in as soon as the body detects a foreign intruder. White blood cells swarm to the site, prompting inflammation that’s responsible for chills, soreness, fatigue and other side effects.

This rapid-response step of your immune system tends to wane with age, one reason younger people report side effects more often than older adults. Also, some vaccines simply elicit more reactions than others. Behind the scenes, the shots also set in motion the second part of your immune system, which will provide real protection from the virus by producing antibodies.

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