Can anyone help me setup the best El Cap 2016 Macbook 12 possible? | #macos | #macsecurity

I’ve looked around the forums and found some tips, but I would like your help to put together a cool guideline to setup a kinda old computer, with a (now) very old OS.

I know, security issues and all, but the reality is that I prefer to keep the highest internet hygiene possible, but not experience the extreme lags of other OSes (or maybe actually experience the snappiness of El Cap on this Macbook).

So far these are the apps I’m running that seem to be pretty much supported on El Cap:

Slack: Running Version 4.23.0 without any issues.

Vivaldi 4.1.2369.11 (Stable channel) (x86_64) in minimal config works like a charm, only downside is that Youtube videos consume a huge batt amount (and Google keeps pretty much bullying Vivaldi users a lot)
Firefox: 78.15.0esr (64-bit). Beautiful browser. But sometimes lags a lot and some sites are quite broken.

I was hoping to download Malwarebytes but…

Spotify for macOS (Intel) works great. Sometimes it seems to go bonkers, but not sure if it’s the old OS or something else.
Flux works perfect to imitate Night mode.


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