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The General Assembly doesn’t seem to understand that its job isn’t to limit women’s options for pregnancies, nor to require everyone in Ohio to pack heat.

Instead, Ohio’s state senators and representatives are supposed to be Brush Hogs, hacking and thinning Ohio’s bureaucratic thicket. Too bad they aren’t.

A good place to start would be Ohio’s bloated K-12 bureaucracies. Ohio ranks No. 34 among the 50 states in geographic size. Ohio has 609 school districts, not counting vocational districts. Texas ranks No. 2 (after Alaska) among the 50 states in geographic area. Texas has 1,029 school districts, according to the Texas Association of School Boards.

Thomas Suddes:Ohio Legislature’s sleight of hand reaches everything from sports betting to environment

There’s a lot not to like about Texas, whose Legislature makes Ohio’s General Assembly look like a chapter of Mensa. But does anyone honestly think Ohio, whose population isn’t really growing, needs 609 school boards?

Thomas Suddes

Likewise, if COVID-19 has taught Ohio anything (besides the fact vaccines don’t magnetize the human body), it’s that Ohio’s public health laws need a rewrite. Their basic framework was hammered together in 1919 by a General Assembly that rural Ohio then dominated. Health boards and their staffs should be regionalized at least, which is about the best you can expect of a Legislature that thinks Ohio’s Health Department is a dictatorship in waiting.

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