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  • As you know, Microsoft just released the latest version of the Windows 11 Insider preview builds, which is 22000.100.
  • After downloading and installing this new OS version, users were quick to flag some of the issues that came with it.
  • Ranging from minor visual bugs to critical errors that compromise operating system functionality, build 22000.100 brings a lot of issues.
  • This article contains most of the bugs that Insiders flagged since the release of this new Windows 11 build.

It’s time to take another peek behind the curtains and analyze the bugs that this new Insider build brings to the table.

We already acknowledged the known issues that Microsoft reported for their new Windows 11 software version, but let’s see how these problems really affect users.

The new Insider build compromised OS functionality

Apparently, build 22000.100 got off to a rocky start. We were expecting some bugs and issues to affect users in different ways, but not quite this seriously.

Reddit user StaticalJam states that, for him, installing the new Insider build actually broke his OS beyond repair, making it necessary to reinstall Windows 11.

Allegedly, immediately after installation, Windows Explorer broke and that’s when the problems started.

I forgot to elaborate, what happened was I updated (10.0.22000.100 along with KB5004300 and KB5004342 were installed) windows explorer broke. I get a straight up black screen and cant do anything on the desktop, task manager can be opened from control alt delete and stuff can be done through there but that’s it. I uninstalled the latest update KB5004300 and rebooted, and got an unresponsive old style of taskbar, and just now upon reinstalling the update I got the black screened explorer again. Restarting explorer doesn’t do anything btw

Update: it just brought the same old taskbar back again by itself, I didn’t uninstall any updates this time it just took 5 minutes to go from a black screen desktop to what you see above

Update 2: tried uninstalling both KB5004300 and KB5004342, still having the same problem. Got an option to try uninstalling KB5004316, didn’t help either. Uninstalling kb5004252 next

Update 3: that broke stuff even more lmao, now I have the old lock screen. I’m just reinstalling windows now

Build 22000.10 broke Windows Hello

User reports already started flooding forums and social media platforms and one of the first issues that got flagged was the fact that using the facial recognition for Windows Hello will crash the Settings app.

Many people that constantly use Hello are now appalled and request an immediate fix from the Redmond tech giant.

This problem was flagged on Reddit as well, but the great majority of users seem to already know about it already. And rightfully so, as Microsoft already listed this issue as known, in the official release post.

New visual bugs for the latest Insider build

We’ve already got accustomed to seeing a wide array of visual bugs every time that Microsoft releases a new version of the upcoming operating system.

Of course, these issues will surely get dealt with swiftly, but this doesn’t stop users from flagging them every chance they get.

This time, one of the actions buttons for notifications only contains one letter, instead of the whole word.

System tray is still not up to user standard

Even though the patch notes for the latest build advertise an updated design for the system tray, there is still no animation for the hidden icons button, and the button itself is not updated in design either.

Also, the frame for the flyout menu is darker and thicker than the ones for the other two flyouts, apparently. Not to mention that the tooltip hasn’t been updated yet.

This topic also made the social media trend train, as some users are completely displeased with current OS progress.

The whole taskbar is incomplete to me and lacks configuration for multiple screens. For people running different apps on different screens it’s pretty unusable. Looks to me like I’ll be paying for DisplayFusion for longer since they can do what MS can’t.

CMD randomly appearing on screen

Here’s an issue that’s more on the weirder side of things, when discussing the new preview build for Windows 11.

A build 22000.100 user reports that, out of nowhere, the Comand Prompt tool appears on his screen at random moments, either when logs on, or simply throughout his day.

Hello. I am facing a problem with cmd prompt. The prompt pop-up some times when i log in my pc and other times when im randomly using the pc. Does anybody knows about it? I thinks it’s not a virus ’cause i’ve scanned everything using defender and i didn’t find anything. Also, i tried to locate the page where the “tigiguc” is located but i can’t run it. It says that the file is in “.sys” file format and asks for a program to run with.

OS Version: 22000.100 (but i faced it in previous versions)

What’s even more strange, is that he reports that this issue plagued him even during the lifetime of the previous Insider build for Windows 11.

Not many people have flagged similar issues, so this problem must be limited to a small number of Insiders.

Windows 11 fluent design not added to all OS elements

It’s a known fact that one of Windows 11’s most appealing features is the new, fluent design that Microsoft introduced.

However, as we said before, unfortunately, this new design pattern doesn’t apply to all the operating system’s elements, much toward user disappointment.

Some of the more tech-savvy Windows users seem to have more in-depth knowledge about this design flaw and make some recommendations for fellow Insiders.

These are not native features of Windows, you need to force restart the runtime program that patches the corners. One way to do it is to switch themes.

Mouse cursor displays info about icons that aren’even on the taskbar

Since we were on the topic of visual bugs, here’s another one that was flagged on build 22000.100 for Windows 11.

Moving the mouse over the taskbar icons prompts the cursor to display information about the specific apps or tools you hover upon.

But when nothing is actually there, why is the cursor still displaying additional info? Surely Microsoft will take notice of this issue and deal with it accordingly,

Context menus spawn at wrong locations

We are going to continue on the topic of, you guessed it, visual bugs. This time let’s have a closer look at the context menus on Windows 11 build 22000.100.

We are used for these menus to spawn at the exact location where we right-click, as it always was on the Windows operating system.

But here’s what happens when you right-click in order to open one of these context menus for some Windows 11 Insiders, after the installation of the latest build.

VMware errors ruin user experience on build 22000.100

This report flags an issue that Windows 11’s new version brings for users that use VMware. The new OS build seems to clash with this kind of software and lead to critical errors, such as:

2021-07-23T13:52:29.640+08:00| vcpu-0| I005: [msg.log.error.unrecoverable] VMware Workstation unrecoverable error: (vcpu-0) 2021-07-23T13:52:29.640+08:00| vcpu-0| I005+ Exception 0xc0000005 (access violation) has occurred.

The user that reported this problem states that he has Memory Integrity turned on,, however, VMware was fine before the build upgrade.

The taskbar isn’t working anymore

Some Windows Insiders are literally stuck, as they cannot use one of the most basic elements that Windows has to offer: the taskbar.

After downloading and applying the changes that came with build 22000.10, many people are no longer able to interact with the system taskbar, because apparently, all of its functionality has been stripped.

This is not a remote issue, as many other fellow Insiders are reporting similar problems.

Snapping issues on the new build

Windows 11 users are also flagging some issues that have to do with the snapping feature for the windows.

Although it worked flawlessly in the previous builds, apparently the introduction of the new Windows 11 build broke this feature.

Reports are constantly surfacing across the wen. related to this specific OS problem.

In Windows 11 Build 22000.100 Dev Channel Insider Preview, one of the snap layouts feature is not working. If I snap a window to the left or right, next it’s not showing what apps available to snap even-though the apps are available to snap. So with this issue, I’ve to manually go to every app and snap to their positions.

This feature worked fine in previous builds (Build 22000.71, .65, .51) but now not working in .100.

Is there any way to fix? As this issue is not there in all the devices.

(Anything there to reset Snap Layouts in Windows 11)

Windows 11 shuts down network adapter when system is shut down

Here’s another one of the system bugs that are weirder than one might expect. This Windows Insider says that, when he turns his PC off, his network adapter also gets shut down.

And although there is no plausible explanation to back this affirmation up, this issue started exactly after he updated his Windows 11 build to 22000.100.

I’m having an issue with the network adaptor on my motherboard.

As far as I can tell, I should have everything setup properly for WOL to function.

When the machine goes into sleep mode, WOL works fine.

If I turn off the PC by holding down the power off button, WOL works.

If I turn off the PC by clicking shutdown, I can watch the lights on the switch port the PC is connected to, and see that the network adaptor gets turned off as the lights go out, and WOL does not work.

    Once the machine is off, if I unplug the power, give it a few seconds and reconnect it, the network lights turn on again and WOL works.

Trying to install Windows 11 results in error 0x80070005

While some users are constantly testing Windows 11 and reporting issues that ruin part of the experience, some are unable to install Microsoft’s upcoming OS.

We’ve covered similar issues in articles related to previous operating system builds and it seems that Microsoft still hasn’t found a way to stop this from happening.

Note that this is happening on a device that, in theory, is compatible with the new operating system and capable of supporting it.

Windows 11 still has problems with mice and keyboards

Reports that related to peripherals not working properly or at all on the new build for Windows 11 are flooding the internet.

From mice lagging or not working at all, to certain keyboard keys not functioning, or the entire keyboard being dead, the Redmond tech company still has a lot of work to do in this area.

Other users have even tried switching between impressive numbers of peripheral devices, such as mice, and the issues are still not solved.

So it can’t be related to a certain mouse model or a certain driver. But we mustn’t panic, as surely Microsoft is currently working on a solution for this whole mess.

Microsoft Store is missing Top Trending Apps

Reddit user Venom1-6 brings to our attention another issue that has been spotted within the new Microsoft Store, on Windows 11.

Apparently, after opening the Store, there are some missing parts. For example, the portion where the Top Trending Apps section should be is completely empty.

The system allocated spaces are still there, but they display absolutely nothing.

Right click context menus spawn beneath existing deskptop elements

This has to be, by far, the most annoying issue that has been reported on the new build for Windows 11.

Trying to spawn a context menu by right-clicking will cause that context menu to appear underneath the specific window.

This issue sometimes fixes itself after a few minutes, or after a system restart. However, when you least expect it, it comes back.

Windows 11 formats USB drives

Windows Insiders are also flagging an issue that impedes them from using USB flash drives on devices that are running the latest preview build of Windows 11.

After plugging in such a USB drive, users can’t find it when browsing the Explorer and all that happens is the fact that the Disk Management tool starts.

After that, it will prompt the user that the device needs to be formatted in order to be used on the device.

If you have also encountered this problem, make sure to report it, so that Microsoft will acknowledge it and hopefully fix it.

USB device cannot be recognized… error with nothing plugged in

We’re taking another stroll on the weirder side of the Windows 11 experience, to bring you news about another issue that has no apparent reason for happening, or a plausible explanation.

As reported on Microsoft Answers by user CapnJackSparrow1, the latest build for Windows 11, which is 22000.100, brings with it some pretty peculiar system behavior.

With absolutely nothing plugged in, as far as removable drives or any kind go, the OS constantly prompts the user with an error that says: USB device cannot be recognized.

The user in question has even gone so far as to check his system for any ongoing issues or errors but his search has brought back zero results.

Experiencing these issues is somewhat normal for software currently under testing for further development purposes. Our user feedback is what will help Microsoft iron out these system wrinkles.

What are some of the issues you encountered after installing WIndows 11 build 22000.100? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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