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Confirmed, it will be chilly. So cold, people need Viagra to stay warm. Fortunately, the AFC East champ Buffalo Bills are hot and healthy this week. Can the arctic atmosphere, or Mac Jones, stifle our libido?

Barring the Patriots throbbing from phosphodiesterase inhibitors, they will have more medical concerns entering this matchup. Two of their key players are listed as questionable for the game Saturday. DB Kyle Duggar may possibly need to play with a club this weekend. Whereas LT Isaiah Wynn was not able to practice this entire week. LB Jamie Collins is also listed as questionable. As for distractions, it appears Patriots OC Josh McDaniels really likes to spygate.

With game time temperatures near zero degrees, health and performance are going to be affected. Without getting into medical jargon, the issues at play are logical. In this weather, the players will have decreased strength, endurance, and elasticity. This will make the athletes more vulnerable to sprains and strains. Not to be understated is the cognitive effects. Cold exposure has also been shown to reduce memory and executive functions of the brain (i.e. plan, focus, multitask) (1).

This week, Josh Allen dropped a low key overshare when he discussed his poor circulation. This is likely why Bart Scott suggested Allen should go hard this weekend. All jokes aside, it works (2).

One Bills player was outspoken about the use of erectile dysfunction medicine in sport. Dawson Knox quieted the Viagra crowd with some interesting legalities and a personal story.


DE Efe Obada

Obada missed last week’s Bills game due to an ‘ankle’ injury, but was a full participant in practice all week. Nothing was notable from his last game in Week 17, in which he had a 21% snap share. This was a steep drop from a 36% snap share the previous week and around 13% lower than his season average (when active). He may have had an aggravation of an old injury which was discussed when he missed Week 4.

WR Emmanuel Sanders

Sanders sprained his ’knee’ against the Bucs, but came back after just one game. Coincidentally, the last game he played for the Buffalo Bills was against the Patriots in Week 16. (He played 82% of the snaps in that game.) He is well rested, having sat the last three weeks and was a full participant in practice this week and will suit up.


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