‘Brushing’ scam may be coming to Rochester | #scams | #scammers

Getting a package in the mail can be a source for a joy for some, but when the package is unexpected and far from anything you’d order for yourself, it can be confusing or even frightening.

An Olmsted County resident received a series of three packages this past week of items they did not order. It is believed the person was the target of a “brushing” scam.

According to Amazon, a brushing scam occurs when “bad actors send packages to publically available names and addresses.”

The goal of this scam has little to do with the person who receives the package and all about tricking the website that a legitimate transaction took place so scammers can then write fake positive reviews about the product.

CNN reported in January, you don’t need to worry that anything bad has happened to you or will happen to you if you get a package that might be part of a brushing scam, experts say.

What the scam does do is make it harder to trust online product reviews.

Online shoppers are encouraged to monitor their accounts to make sure there is no unauthorized activity. If you do not use a site frequently, consider removing saved credit card information.

If you do receive an unsolicited package, consumers are encouraged to contact the company’s customer support. You do not need to return the item.

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