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The top Bosnian court released Friday Osman Mehmedagić, the country’s chief of intelligence, following his detention stemming from charges of money laundering and abusing his position.

Mehmedagić, who is currently the head of the Bosnian Intelligence-Security Agency (OSA), was arrested Wednesday following an investigation for forging official documents, abuse of office, and money laundering. Although the top court has released Mehmedagić from custody, he is barred from speaking with or discussing the case with other suspects and potential witnesses. According to a statement released by the top court, Mehmedagić’s ban measure will last as long as it is needed but will be monitored every two months. He may be remanded if the court finds he is not acting in accordance with the order. Prosecutors are expected to appeal this decision soon.

The original arrest caused significant controversy, many citizens claimed that the prosecutors were acting on political motives by detaining Mehmedagić, who is a Muslim-Bosniak. The arrest also came just shortly after the director of the American University in Sarajevo and Tuzla was allegedly arrested for giving an illegal diploma to Mehmedagić.

Back in October of 2020, Mehmedagić and another colleague were charged, but later acquitted of, abusing their offices and for reportedly using government resources to spy on a man who filed a complaint against them. Mehmedagić continues to maintain his innocence throughout these proceedings, with his lawyer Senka Nozica stating that there is no legitimate basis behind these accusations.

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