blank video but sound, since updating to 15.4.1 | #macos | #macsecurity

The return of the video blank but you can hear it issue.
Previously there was a workaround of going into Safari settings and disabling GPU. But that super helpful setting option is gone now. At least on my phone.
Full detail;
Iphone 7+
IOS 15.4.1
Video worked in Safari before the update. But not in other browsers like Firefox and Chrome.
Video DOES work in Disney+, Youtube etc. But only after updating.

Must say, it seems like Apple is doing all it can to break video on the iPhone for everyone except their own apps.
I’ve done some coding myself, I understand stuff gets deprecated. But usually for security or performance reasons.
What issue was the old codebase for video causing that they are cutting off the renderers at the knees?


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