Big Cyber Attack in National Bank of Pakistan | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

The cyber attack on the National bank of Pakistan’s servers has sparked widespread outrage in Pakistan. A cyber attack was launched against the servers of Pakistan’s central bank, the National bank of Pakistan. The attack was carried out by unidentified persons from all around the world. The bomber detonated his device in front of a Pakistani bank shortly after noon. The National bank of pakistan has stated that the cyber attack did not result in any financial losses or data breaches. Meanwhile, it appears that the hack has rendered some of the bank’s services inoperable.

“We have reported an issue relating to an NPP cyber security breach,” the National bank of pakistan stated in a post on its social media website. We’re also looking into it. There was no data breach or financial damage at our bank. Where necessary, corrections are being made with the help of worldwide professional talents and industry-leading course specialists.” No other bank has reported a similar issue, it has been clarified. The central bank is also keeping an eye on the issue to maintain the banking system’s security and stability.

The bank stated that it had taken quick action to isolate the affected companies. There was no compromise of consumer or financial information. people should not be afraid, according to the bank. customers of the bank are temporarily unable to access their accounts. The bank of pakistan has stated that it is working hard to fix the problem. Essential customer services will be restored by monday morning, according to the bank.

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