Biden’s optimism collides with mounting political challenges | Ap | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats are going to hold onto the House after November’s midterm elections. They will pick up as many as four seats in the Senate, expanding their majority and overcoming internal dissent that has helped stifle their agenda.

As the challenges confronting President Joe Biden intensify, his predictions of a rosy political future for the Democratic Party are growing bolder. The assessments, delivered in speeches, fundraisers and conversations with friends and allies, seem at odds with a country that he acknowledged this week was “really, really down,” burdened by a pandemic, surging gas prices and spiking inflation.

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kAmq:56? A@=:E:42= 25G:D6CD D2J 2 A@DD:3=6 $FAC6>6 r@FCE CF=:?8 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^2A?6HD]4@>^2CE:4=6^DFAC6>6\4@FCE\23@CE:@?\5C27E\@A:?:@?\_fcbh7h74cdca7`d__23fg575bc_be3`Qm@G6CEFC?:?8 E96 =2?5>2C< #@6 G] (256 564:D:@?k^2m[ 2D H6== 2D C646?E >2DD D9@@E:?8D DAFCC:?8 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^2A?6HD]4@>^2CE:4=6^8F?\=2HD\D6?2E6\3:A2CE:D2?\28C66>6?E\dh5ddb7b5`6bd7536chb_6cbc`6fc673QmC6?6H65 5632E6 @G6C 8F? G:@=6?46k^2m[ 4@F=5 8:G6 s6>@4C2ED EH@ :DDF6D E92E 4@F=5 6?6C8:K6 G@E6CD] qFE E96J 2=D@ 24<?@H=6586 E92E @?6 @C 3@E9 >:89E 96=A A2CEJ 42?5:52E6D 4=:?49 2=C625J 4=@D6 C246D — ?@E C6>2<6 E96 A@=:E:42= =2?5D42A6 ?2E:@?H:56]k^Am

kAmx? E96 >62?E:>6[ q:56?VD @G6C2== 2AAC@G2= C2E:?8 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^2A?6HD]4@>^2CE:4=6^3:56?\2AAC@G2=\C2E:?8\5C@AD\2A\?@C4\A@==\5c`346gd6`3_ea3dgg2bah_g3a2772edQm9:E 2 ?6H =@Hk^2m @7 bhT =2DE >@?E9] tG6? 2>@?8 9:D @H? A2CEJ[ ;FDE bbT @7 C6DA@?56?ED D2:5 E96 4@F?ECJ 😀 962565 😕 E96 C:89E 5:C64E:@?[ 5@H? 7C@> chT 😕 pAC:=] %96 AC6D:56?EVD 2AAC@G2= C2E:?8 2>@?8 s6>@4C2ED DE@@5 2E fbT[ 72==:?8 D92CA=J 7C@> =2DE J62C[ H96? q:56?’D s6>@4C2E:4 2AAC@G2= C2E:?8 ?6G6C D=:AA65 36=@H gaT]k^Am

kAm(9:E6 w@FD6 A@=:E:42= 25G:D6CD 2C6 2=C625J A=2J:?8 5@H? E96 A@DD:3:=:EJ E92E D@>6 @7 E96 A2CEJVD >@DE GF=?6C23=6 42?5:52E6D >2J 42CG6 @FE :56?E:E:6D 5:DE:?4E 7C@> E96 AC6D:56?EVD] pD 2 7@C>6C D6?2E@C[ q:56? F?56CDE2?5D DF49 >2?6FG6CD[ E96J D2J]k^Am

kAm%96 (9:E6 w@FD6 2=D@ ?@E6D E92E E96 AC6D:56?E 2?5 9:D A2CEJ 2C6 😕 72C 36EE6C D92A6 ?@H E92? 367@C6 E96 a_`_ >:5E6C>D[ H96? 2 E62 A2CEJ H2G6 D2H #6AF3=:42?D H:? 324< r@?8C6DD] $:?46 E2<:?8 @77:46[ q:56?VD A@=:E:42= E62> 92D :?G6DE65 D:8?:7:42?E=J 😕 E96 s}r 2?5 DE2E6 A2CE:6D[ 2?5 2== D:56D 2C6 4@@A6C2E:?8]k^Am

kAm%96 s}r D2JD :E 92D ?6G6C 366? =2C86C[ H:E9 cd_ DE277 >6>36CD @? DE2E6 A2CEJ A2JC@==D[ @C DA@CE65 2 >@C6 C@3FDE 8C@F?5 @A6C2E:@?] xE 2=D@ C2:D65 Sa`b >:==:@? D@ 72C[ 2 >:5E6C> C64@C5] qFE s}r r92:C y2:>6 w2CC:D@? ?@?6E96=6DD 2AA62C65 E@ 36 ECJ:?8 E@ 9625 @77 4@?46C?D 5@?@CDV 4@?EC:3FE:@?D >:89E 36 8@:?8 E@ H2DE6[ D2J:?8[ “(6VC6 ?@E AC@>@E:?8 :E 2== @G6C E96 A=246]”k^Am

kAm“(96? J@FVC6 😕 E96 $FA6C q@H=[ 5@ J@F E9:?< E96 4@249 AFED 2== E96:C A=2JD FA @? %H:EE6C[ 2?5 D2JD[ Vw6C6VD H92E H6VC6 8@:?8 E@ CF?n[Q w2CC:D@? D2:5 2E 2 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^2A?6HD]4@>^2CE:4=6^3:56?\4@?8C6DD\;@6\>2?49:?\<JCDE6?\D:?6>2\=@D\2?86=6D\abhhe5he5gh`d_b6_3gegbhe3_77bfhaQm{@D p?86=6D 7F?5C2:D6C H:E9 q:56?k^2m =2DE H66<6?5] “}@] (6 5@?VE AFE 2== @7 @FC DEF77 @FE E96C6]”k^Am

kAmw6 D2:5 E96 8C@FA 😀 3F:=5:?8 @FE 2? @A6C2E:@? QE@ >2<6 DFC6 E92E[ H96? E9@D6 4=@D6 6=64E:@?D 92AA6? }@G6>36C[ H6 H:? E96>]Qk^Am

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