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The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS 2021) is BGMI’s first major official tournament. The buzz around the event has been ever-increasing since the event was announced in August.

With Battlegrounds Mobile India emerging as the Google Play Store’s most played game in India in 2021, the BGIS 2021 is ideally placed to amaze the crowd.

The much-hyped event was postponed after an increase in the number of in-game hackers. The 1.7 update released on 19 November brought along with it a new anti-cheat engine. Since then, Krafton has been able to ban nearly three million hackers.

Thus, a safe gaming environment has ensured the recommencement of BGIS 2021.

Everything to know about BGIS 2021

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 has got the entire Indian mobile gaming community talking about it. There have been several unofficial tournaments so far since the title’s release.

However, such is the importance of the BGIS 2021 that whichever team wins the inaugural edition will be declared the country’s best.

The registration process went on for around four months, which saw players from across the country registering.

Prize pool

The BGIS 2021 will be the first major tournament in over one and a half years. The prize money has been set accordingly to meet the expectations of the crowd.

The prize pool of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 is a whopping ₹1 crore. While the winning team will be rewarded ₹50 lakh, the runners-up will get ₹25 lakh, and the third-placed side will get ₹10 lakh.

Tournament structure

Since the registration process ended on 28 November, BGMI officials have begun checking the IDs of the registered players, and the tournament is scheduled to start on 4 December.

Here is the detailed tournament structure:

In-game Qualifiers: The in-game qualifiers will be fought among teams across the country in classic matches from 4-8 December. Each registered team will have to play 15 squad matches each, and only the top 10 games per team will be considered.

Online Qualifiers: 16 December to 30 December will see the Online Qualifiers being played in three rounds from amongst the 1024 qualified teams from In-game Qualifiers.

This stage of the third round will see 32 invited teams battle against 224 qualified teams. There will be 16 groups at this stage, and the top four teams per group will continue on.

Quarter Finals: The Quarter Finals of BGIS 2021 will be played from 2 January to 5 January. The 64 qualified teams from the Online Qualifiers will battle it out in the Quarter Finals.

Semi Finals: The Semi Finals will be played between 7 January and 10 January amongst the 24 qualified sides from the Quarter Finals.

Grand Finals: The last and most vital stage — Grand Finals — is scheduled to be played from 13 January to 16 January amongst the 16 qualified teams from the semis to present before everyone the inaugural champions.

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