Beware! Ramraj Cotton is not giving away Rs 6000, viral message is hoax | #computerhacking | #hacking

HYDERABAD: A website link that claims to be of Ramraj Cotton, a clothing brand, is viral on WhatsApp.

The text on the website reads, “Ramraj Cotton Christmas gift! Through the questionnaire, you will have a chance to get 6000 Rupee (sic).”


The viral link leads to an unrecognized webpage. It is not the official website of Ramraj Cotton. The questionnaire follows the pattern of a scam set up that has quite often been observed in such unauthentic links.

NewsMeter fact check team clicked on the viral link to check its authenticity and found the webpage is a hoax. Upon answering the questions, the user is directed to selecting a gift box through which later, a winner is picked.

It should be noted that NewsMeter conducted several trials. We noticed that a winner is selected at a second chance. This indicates that the link is fake as everyone wins every time.

The webpage also stores the user’s IP address too and asks the user to share the message on their Whatsapp groups. This is a common method used for hacking and stealing information from phones and laptops.

Ramraj Cotton has not made any such announcements of hosting a Christmas lucky draw where participants would get a chance to win Rs 6000.

Everyone is advised to refrain from clicking on and entering personal details on such websites as they could lead to data theft.

Evidently, it is clear that the link is a hoax.

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