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Apple is now making MacBooks that come packing the company’s own silicon instead of Intel’s. The Apple-made chip is the M1, and it’s been universally praised for its massive speed bump over the previous generation of Intel-based Macs and MacBooks. Basically, if you’re in the market for a new Mac, you want an M1 Mac.Here’s where you can find them, including where you’ll get the best deals available now. For instance, the entry-level MacBook Air is currently marked down $50 at Amazon, and the MacBook Pro is $100 off as well.

All the Best M1 Mac Deals

Above, you’ll find all the best deals available on M1 MacBook Air, M1 MacBook Pro, and M1 Mac Mini. If you want to spec out the machines yourself, you can do that at Apple (see below), but you won’t get any discount.

M1 Macs at Amazon

Amazon tends to have deals on a revolving selection of M1 Macs. If you don’t find a discount on the one you want right now, you can always check back later. The timing of the discounts and which models are on sale really seems random.

M1 Macs at Best Buy

Best Buy also offers deals on certain models of M1 Macs at any given time.

M1 Macs at Apple

While Apple almost never offers discounts on its computers, it is the only place where you can spec out the machine to your exact preference. If that’s worth paying a little more than you might at another retailer for an out-of-the-box machine, go for it.

What Is the M1 Chip?

The M1 is the first chip Apple has ever designed specifically for a Mac. It’s a system on a chip, or an “SoC.” It includes a processor, I/O, security, and memory, all in one package.

Apple also developed the latest Mac operating system, MacOS Big Sur, to work efficiently with M1 Macs. With the hardware and software both designed to work together, the idea is that Macs and MacBooks can now achieve higher performance and better power efficiency than ever before. And, judging by the reviews of M1 Macs, Apple seems to have succeeded.

For years prior to the M1, Macs have run on Intel chips. While those machines worked just fine, the M1 Macs really are a major improvement. These machines run faster and cooler than their Intel-based predecessors.

Because they run cooler, Apple no longer even includes a fan in the M1 MacBook Air. In its place is an aluminum heat spreader, which is completely silent. The M1 MacBook Pro has a fan, but reviewers say it virtually never kicks on. If your previous Mac ever sounded like a jet engine that was about to take off, these new M1 models should be significantly quieter.Also as a result of M1 chip’s efficiency, these Macs get significantly better battery life than previous models. Apple says the M1 MacBook Air gets up to 18 hours of battery life, while the M1 MacBook Pro can go for up to 20 hours between charges.

The main drawback to the system-on-a-chip design is that, like most Mac models in recent years, you can’t upgrade the internals after purchase. That’s why it’s important to get a Mac with all the storage and memory you think you’ll need throughout the life of the machine.

But overall, all of these M1 Macs have been getting stellar reviews, citing big performance jumps over previous models. And as more and more apps get updated to take advantage of the new silicon, they should perform even better.

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