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There are plenty of reasons why you might be on the hunt for the best cloud backup for Mac computers. While iCloud offers a convenient way to store your Mac’s data in the cloud, it’s not a perfect solution. If you own multiple Mac devices, share your iCloud space with others, or use several iCloud services, the program can quickly reach capacity, and it isn’t cheap.

And while Apple products are known for being secure, the same level of protection doesn’t apply to iCloud. In 2014, dozens of A-list celebrities had their iCloud accounts hacked. And in 2019, there was a phishing scam where hackers tried to trick users into handing over confidential information. 

Thankfully, there are cloud backup solutions outside of iCloud. Read below to learn about the best cloud storage and backup solutions for Macs. And if it’s less Mac-specific recommendations you want, then see our best cloud storage overall guide.

Backblaze offers cloud backup for those needing unlimited storage (Image credit: Backblaze)

Best for those who prioritise unlimited storage


Storage: Unlimited

Cost: $7/month; $70/year; $130/every two years

Backup Frequency: Continuous

Customer Support: Email and live chat

Two-Factor Authentication: Yes, app or SMS

Versions Kept/Period: 30 versions/30 day

Reasons to buy

+Easy to use+Unlimited backup+Users can implement their own encryption key +Ability to find a stolen device

Reasons to avoid

No free pricing plansNo automatic upload from mobile devicesOnly keeps deleted items for 30 daysDoesn’t offer top-notch security

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