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The following contains spoilers for Yurei Deco Episode 3, “A Sham Trial,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The mysterious world of Yurei Deco is being revealed slowly but surely, though viewers remain far from getting answers around who Phantom Zero is and what secrets are being kept. In Episode 3, Berry learns more about the strange kid she was able to see due to her broken Deco. Thanks to Berry’s infectious and earnest attitude, she manages to connect with Hack’s friend.

It’s been some time since Berry has seen Hack, and the latter has gotten herself into a lot of trouble. She managed to escape from the authorities but was recently captured for a crime she did not commit. Now it’s up to Berry and her new friend to hack their way into rescuing Hack.

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Hoping she’ll be able to see Hack again, Berry follows the directions on the map in the envelope only to be confronted by a tall androgynous figure named Finn. Although suspicious of Berry, Finn takes her into their hideout in the hopes that Berry will be able to break into the courtroom where Hack awaits her trial. She’s accused of being responsible for the Zero Phenomenon, where Love points are constantly getting erased.

Finn and Hack are both yurei, which means ghost; their existence is not recognized as they do not have Decos. In the Yurei Deco anime, Decos aren’t just there to pretty things up — their primary function is to allow people to switch between reality and the Hyperverse. Yurei live in the shadows outside of society, and being ghosts grants them a lot more freedom than the average citizen with a Deco.

For some reason, the government has deigned not to let anyone else know about the existence of yurei. So far it doesn’t look like yurei are being actively targeted — unless you’re Hack and trying to cause trouble. Despite not having a Deco, Hack is able to roam around the island due to her hacking abilities.

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Because she’s a yurei, Hack doesn’t get the benefit of having a public trial. Nobody will ever known whatever punishment gets dealt, whether it’s unfair or not. The island’s concept of justice and fairness is skewed as shown by the guard reassuring Hack that she’ll get a ‘fair trial’ as the jury will be made up of Center employees — the very same people who put her in prison in the first place.

With Finn’s help, Berry procures the evidence to prove Hack’s innocence. In doing so, she discovers something interesting about the Zero Phenomenon. As far as she can tell, nobody appears to be wiping out Love — it just seems to be a natural occurrence, but Finn tells her they don’t have enough data to draw that conclusion. At the trial, Berry disguises herself as Hack’s defense attorney and presents the record to the judge. Her argument and disguise fall apart, however, when her Deco starts acting up.

Finn hacks into the system, taking control of the prosecutor’s Deco to create a diversion for Berry to unlock Hack from her restraints and escape. However, the two of them are now fugitives running from the law. At the end of Episode 3, Hack causes their getaway vehicle to explode, leaving it ambiguous whether the two of them survived. They surely did, but this means Berry won’t be able to return to her old life anymore; she will be viewed as Hack’s accomplice in the Zero Phenomenon. If the two of them want to prove their innocence, they’ll have to get to the bottom of Yurei Deco‘s great mystery.

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