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BenQ participated in the second edition of an Edu Webinar series titled, The Modern School, Now and in the Future, on Oct. 14. The focus of the day was steps to transform digital education.

Edu Webinar was started in September to encourage Indonesians to share, adapt and be informative for better education, which now heavily relies on technological innovation, further accentuated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Muhammad Yusuf Guamo, a representative from BenQ, was the first speaker at the session. He started by listing several reasons why it was essential for Indonesians to transform their education sector, especially to integrate digital conversion. They include the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the change in demographics, which is shifting to a generation that relies heavily on technology, and the effects of the pandemic.

Muhammad also said schools had an obligation to follow the guidelines given by the government, which requires all academic activities to be online, and they needed to improvise for the sake of the students. This must include training for educators, lessons on digital parenting, essential equipment and preparing a platform for the digitalization of schools.

The centerpiece of BenQ’s presentation was the Interactive Flat Panel RP02, a big tablet and/or smartboard for classrooms. The panel has features built-in for educational purposes, allowing up to 16 people to collaborate simultaneously and making it easy to access files from other electronic devices and broadcast them. Other benefits include intelligent handwriting recognition, which is able to read ineligible handwriting, and a “brush mode” for the smartboard that is usually utilized for art class.

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All features have been proven to be useful for classes and are manufactured to be health-focused. The panel has lower blue light than most electronic devices. The screen is germ-resistant, as it incorporates silver nanoparticles in the antiglare coating to ensure longer germ-resistant efficacy and screen durability. It also has air quality sensors that remind teachers to adopt necessary mechanisms to keep the environment in an ideal status. PM2.5 and PM10 particles can be measured to measure the pollution level of the air — necessary information to ensure the health of the pupils and educators.

“Usually there is an installment program to help the schools; you can also propose to use that program,” Muhammad told the attendees. “Last year we sent one to Aceh, and we even sent one to Papua. Truthfully, when we first sold them, it was more to rural areas.”

When he was asked whether the panel would work in places that were not as accessible technologically, he stressed that it was more effective in rural areas, as the company had delivered panels to Subang in West Java and Aceh.

One attendant did not shy away from asking a tough question, pointing out the possible lack of competence related to the digitalization system and the limitations of technological facilities and/or equipment.

 “Talking about digital transformation, there are no international schools or [those with an abundance of funds] that are ready for it. Especially during the pandemic recently, no one was ready. Not even [companies] were ready; that’s what we need to plan first,” Muhammad replied.

A school that can be used as a case study for BenQ Education Solutions, especially the Interactive Flat Panel RP02, is Santa Ursula in Jakarta. Teachers have used their panels to plan lessons, conduct class activities and give out homework assignments, with different features assisting them at every level.

“The smart solutions offered by BenQ are very attractive. BenQ is very helpful and professional in implementing this project,” said the principal of Santa Ursula high school, Sumardi M. Pd.

He spoke of the company’s help via a video that showed the panel being used in different classes, including a room full of kindergarten students and another room filled with educators.

“In this project, we have teamed up with BenQ. We continue to collaborate ­–  from the timeline, schedule, training materials to training for IT personnel and, of course, teachers – at all levels of education.”

The principal also credited BenQ for building infrastructure to facilitate teaching.

BenQ is also collaborating with Asus Indonesia, NUADU and My Icon Technology. Each company had representatives that spoke at the webinar about their respective contributions. Most attendees were educators from a few areas outside the capital city. They were asked to join a Facebook group and fill out a feedback form before they closed the day with door prizes.

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