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NAIVASHA, Kenya, Apr 6 – A visit to the World Rally Championship (WRC) Safari Rally Secretariat offices at the Moi International Sports Center Kasarani will give you a false impression that not much is going on.

Behind closed doors are trainings, daily zoom meetings, updates and weekly visits to different sites and rally routes thanks to men and women who have dedicated their time and efforts to ensure that the WRC Safari Rally is a success.

Capital Sports had a feel of the scenic course to learn what it takes to put together an event of this magnitude and where the progress is now ahead of the four-day global championship slated to zoom off June 24.

We were driven through the picturesquare routes that included private ranches and National parks with the beautiful backdrop of Lake Naivasha, Lake Elementaita, the Geo-thermal stations and Mt Longonot.

The media was taken through the various media points in each stage and the rules and regulations set up for specific stage that will witness the world’s best rally drivers as they go over jumps, through splashes and round the numerous hairpin turns that the Clerk of Course Gurvir Bhabra and his team has put in to make the rally even more interesting.

The ground teams in charge of the rally route consists of professionals from engineers, seasoned rally photographers and a number of former rally drivers who work together to mark out a route, prepare the road where necessary, clear the bush in some areas.

The crews continue to undergo numerous trainings with local and professionals as well as WRC representatives from across the world.

Teams like the MIV’s (Medical Intervention Vehicles) who provide emergency medical services to the Rally Drivers and the TIV’s (Technical intervention Vehicles) who carry the emergency recovery equipment have been undergoing rigorous training to ensure that they are ready for whatever eventuality.

The TIV crew for example has had several trainings where they have been taken through the entire event, issued with equipment from body cutters and spreaders, hydraulic equipment, fire-fighting gear and towing cables.

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They continue to train on how to get drivers out of a car in case it rolls, how to cut open a mangled car and much more.

To ensure that the event goes according to plan, hundreds of marshals who will help ensure that rally route is safe for the drivers are also trained.

Along with the hundreds of security personnel, KWS Rangers, they will work seamlessly keeping both rally fans, drivers and the working crew within the safety net created by the rally organizers.

The security team this year will contain a blend of officers from the National Police Service, under the watchful eyes of commissioner Julius Kabiru alongside KWS rangers, NYS and security personnel who are well versed with Kenyan Motorsports.

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