BehavioSec Pushes Behavioral Biometrics to Protect Online Traffic | #cyberfraud | #criminal | #cybercrimnals

BehavioSec is advocating for the use of behavioral biometrics to safeguard online interactions. The company notes that online activity has gone up dramatically since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, both because more people are now working from home and because social distancing restrictions have forced them to do more of their shopping online.

That traffic increase makes online security an even greater priority moving forward. In that regard, BehavioSec is the latest company to observe that cybercriminals have concocted new fraud schemes to take advantage of the coronavirus, and that public and private organizations will need to implement new security measures to guard against those attacks.

That’s where behavioral biometrics comes into play. The technology is able to authenticate users based on passive metrics like typing speed and touchscreen interactions, creating an extra layer of security without adding any more steps to the authentication process.

“We’re witnessing a seismic shift in expectations as users become more acclimated to working, shopping and interacting online,” said BehavioSec Products VP Jordan Blake. “But cyber scams are also on the rise. Businesses are increasingly challenged to provide strong customer authentication without customer friction. That means a more adaptive approach to online identities that meets the needs of both companies and consumers.”

BehavioSec has previously promoted behavioral biometrics as a security solution for remote workers, and it is not the first company to make the case for behavioral biometrics during the pandemic. For example, NuData has argued that the technology can help online merchants retain their customers, while BioCatch has claims that it is an effective countermeasure against social engineering attacks and other forms of fraud.

The latest iteration of BehavioSec’s flagship Behavioral Biometrics Platform was integrated into the ForgeRock authentication platform and the Ping Intelligent Identity Platform at the tail end of 2019.

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