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Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton’s India-only version of PUBG Mobile, has been taking a number of steps since its launch to make sure the game’s experience is not ruined by cheaters and hackers who use unfair practices to gain an advantage over other players.

The developer has now removed 25 lakh accounts from the game for cheating as part of its crackdown against unfair players. Krafton permanently banned 25,19,692 accounts and temporarily banned another 7,06,319 accounts.

“At the end of September, we promised you that fair gameplay has always been and will be our priority. Today, we have some good news for you,” Krafton said on the Battlegrounds Mobile India page.

“Cheaters have no place in BGMI and in order to provide a fair gameplay environment to our players, we’ve been taking severe measures to remove cheaters from the game. Yes, we are aware that many players ran into cheaters even after we made our previous announcement on Sep 30th.”

“We now have cleaned out most of the cheaters in the game, making BGMI a much more fun experience, and will continue to take whatever step is necessary to keep BGMI fair and fun,” the developer said.

New changes to make BGMI cheat-free

Stronger Cheat Detection and Banning Mechanism

Krafton explains in its latest post that the game’s systems “continue to evolve” as it brings near real-time ways to detect cheaters and ban users who make use of illegal means.


Krafton has made it clear that as of now, all BGMI bans are permanent bans and that those who now make use of unfair means will have “no room for a second chance.”

Manually verify and ban any accounts that use or promote illegal programs among high-rankers

Krafton also said that it is monitoring accounts that have used or have promoted illegal programs among high-rankers in real-time. If there’s any illegal program being used found, the developer will implement permanent bans.

Blocking YouTube channels

Krafton will also be working with YouTube to monitor content in real-time for any channels that promote illegal programs, and if such a channel is found, it will be blocked.

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