Basic practices can prevent major cyber hacks | #emailsecurity

NORMAL (WEEK) — This summer is becoming the summer of the hack. From gas to meat suppliers, US consumers are feeling the stress in their collective wallets.

An ISU cybersecurity expert said those hacks could have been prevented if individuals had just followed a simple set of rules.

Professor Shaoen Wu pointed out that in the recent hacking of the Colonial Pipeline, hackers were able to get in because of a single compromised password. WU said because of that, even an attack that large can be prevented using the same steps people are supposed to follow with their own computer.

“First I would say try to keep your system updated to the latest version or upgrade,” said Wu.

Also, the professor said everyone should try to change important passwords at least every three months. He also recommended people use two-factor authentication. That would require a user to enter a second password sent to their email or phone to get into an acoount.

So what if you do all that and still fall victim to ransomware? Wu said victims should turn to law enforcement.

“Just take any possible action immediately don’t just wait until you cannot fix it,” he said.

And with remote and hybrid work expected to stay…the professor said it is important to be proactive. With more people online, there will be more criminals and hackers looking for their next victim.

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