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The release of Baishan Canvas marks an important step of the company’s long-term product initiative to further consolidate its competitive position in the edge cloud market. As a single unified edge cloud platform, Baishan Canvas fully integrates infrastructure services, cloud security services along with developer services. It is designed to address the varying needs of enterprise customers in their digital transformation and provide them with scenarios-based application solutions, while empowering them for technological innovations.

“The rollout of Baishan Canvas reinforces our corporate strategic direction in the global edge cloud market and further illustrates our commitment to providing industry-agnostic application solutions to global enterprise customers amid the emerging 5G and IoT markets,” said Tao Huo, co-founder, and CEO of Baishan. 

With a fully managed serverless architecture, Baishan Canvas leverages the company’s global edge cloud service nodes and supports customer applications running on-premise or in the cloud, enabling customer data to be processed and protected at the edge. The platform effectively resolves many of the business issues in the traditional centralized cloud – lack of real- time performance, security protection, and un-unified data management and configuration, while helping customers achieve operation efficiency and cost optimization.

“The successful implementation of Baishan Canvas further demonstrates the product and technical capabilities of Baishan. As an easy to manage and use platform, Baishan Canvas empowers and supports continuous integration, delivery, and agile deployment of customer data, applications, and services,” said Xiaoxu Wang, partner and VP of product at Baishan. “The new edge cloud platform fully reflects and draws from our years-long service experience and continued in-depth technical engagements with enterprise customers in various industry verticals. It will significantly enhance our service and solution capabilities for enterprises customers going forward,” Wang continued.

As a neutral edge cloud service provider, Baishan ‘s innovative edge cloud products and solutions have thus far gained the recognitions of various customers in a wide range of industry verticals, including pharmaceutical, manufacturing, energy and transportation, finance, banking, real estate, e-commerce, gaming, and online education.

About BaishanCloud

Founded in April 2015, BaishanCloud (Baishan) is a leading independent edge cloud service provider in China with strong global outreach capabilities, offering neutral infrastructure, cloud-native security, and developer services. Leveraging its globally distributed edge cloud platform as well as its software development capabilities, Baishan provides a wide range of industry-agnostic application solutions for global Internet and enterprise customers across different industry verticals. Baishan now has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Seattle, as well as R&D centers in Xiamen and Gui’an.

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