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If you’re smart, you’ve already considered various ways of keeping your business data secure from viruses and malware. Perhaps you’ve got some security software installed. But is it equal to the task?

Standard home security software isn’t suitable for a small business running multiple computers. That’s where solutions like AVG AntiVirus Business Edition and AVG Internet Security Business Edition come in.

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You’ve Heard of AVG, But Did You Know About Its Business Software?

AVG has been around for a long time. Founded in 1991, you probably know AVG as an antivirus tool for Windows computers; if it didn’t come pre-installed, you might have tried it on your new PC.

If you’ve used AVG, you probably know that alongside the basic antivirus, it also offers premium security software, for security, privacy, and performance.

But did you know AVG also provides business-level security software?

Why Your Small Business Needs AVG

Security software is important enough for home use, but in a business environment, it’s even more vital, with a host of different requirements. Even running a small operation with several computers means your data is at risk.

Geared to the online risks faced in the workplace, AVG business security software operates in a different way. It offers a collection of tools specifically intended for protecting PCs in a business environment. If you’re running a small business or have responsibility for IT support, AVG’s small business software is a vital consideration.

AVG for Small Businesses

AVG AntiVirus Business Edition and AVG Internet Security Business Edition feature email threat alerts, automatic updates, and remote administration. This means that the software can be remotely installed, and every installation can then be configured and updated from anywhere using the AVG Cloud Management Console. Updates are pushed regularly throughout the year, rather than forcing you to wait for an annual release.

You probably need AVG AntiVirus Business Edition and AVG Internet Security Business if your business:

  • Has sensitive information to protect
  • Stores data on multiple computers and laptops
  • Uses an in-house or leased server for file storage
  • Requires protection from email threats – spam, phishing (and variants) as well as messages with malware attached
  • Has computers running mission-critical software

Below, we’ll look at AVG AntiVirus Business Edition and AVG Internet Security Business in detail.

AVG AntiVirus Business Edition

Bursting with the features you need to keep your business safe from online threats, AVG AntiVirus Business Edition features a file shield to keep your PCs and laptops safe from malware and viruses and an email shield to check incoming and outgoing messages for spam and malware.

Meanwhile, the web shield feature protects you and your hardware from dangerous websites and downloads. There’s also a link scanner, which checks every link for potentially dangerous websites.

A firewall protects against unauthorized connections, while the file shredder ensures deleted files remain unrecoverable. Unrecognized files—potential threats—are sent to Threat Labs for real-time analysis, while the smart scanner checks for security issues (some of which can be identified by a change in system performance).

AVG AntiVirus Business Edition goes further, also checking PCs for suspicious behavior. If anything seems out of place, the behavior shield will send a notification. There’s also SharePoint protection too—if your business uses Microsoft’s storage and collaboration tool, AVG AntiVirus Business Edition will check every file uploaded and downloaded from your server.

AVG AntiVirus Business Edition is easy to install, too, with an uncomplicated process helping you to get up and running in just a few minutes.

All of this is administered remotely in the AVG Cloud Management Console, which can be accessed from anywhere IT administration needs to be performed.

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AVG Internet Security Business Edition

Some extra features are available in AVG Internet Security Business Edition. Password protection secures your passwords in the Chrome and Firefox browsers, while Exchange protection scans emails, checking them for malicious links, malware attachments, and spam.

AVG Internet Security Business Edition also includes all the features of AVG AntiVirus Business Edition and is available for $61.41 per device per year.

Both products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Telephone and email support is available

SPECIAL OFFER: Save 30%! Buy three years for the price of two on AVG Internet Security Business Edition. Offer valid until 31st December 2021.

Protect Your Profits With AVG Business Editions

Not all antivirus solutions have what it takes to protect a business. Sure, they do the job with the basic functionality, but administering antivirus updates across more than a couple of machines is a major headache.

AVG AntiVirus Business Edition and AVG Internet Security Business Edition tackle this challenge head-on, not just with a wide selection of antivirus and online privacy tools scaled for business use, but with the AVG Cloud Management Console. This tool makes administering multiple installations comparatively effortless when compared to the man-hours required to install, configure, and update security software on multiple PCs.

Smart software shields protect users from dodgy emails, suspicious websites, malicious links, and dubious activity on your computers. With all the antivirus and privacy tools you need to maintain and even improve the security of your business, AVG provides top-quality business-level software with an affordable annual license.

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