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Microsoft Defender is the default antivirus for desktop computers, but it only provides a very basic level of protection. The sad truth is that it simply cannot cope with the growing number of cyber attacks targeting Windows. While I strongly believe that the best protection is an inexpensive Windows antivirus. I have classified and shortlisted the best two antivirus programs for Windows 10, 8 and 7. Both options will protect your Windows PC against the most common types of malware.

So what is the best antivirus? It all depends on what we mean by “best” and “antivirus”. The market for these solutions is really huge.

If each manufacturer indicates the strengths of their programs, then by multiplying this information by the number of products available, we get an unimaginable portion of data that you have to go through. It is really difficult, so the real art is to choose the solution best suited to your individual needs.

We suggest readers of this post to be guided not only by the rating. For your final choice, we recommend that you consult other independent lab tests that use different methods and techniques to test antivirus software.

In addition, the selection decisions depend on personal preferences, availability of the necessary functions, effectiveness, impact on system performance, interface appearance, price, ease of use, compatibility, language, technical support and more.

About Bitdefender and Avast

To start with, I will introduce some basic information about Bitdefender and Avast respectively.

Then you can have an in-depth look at the comparisons and differences of them, which are compared from five aspects. The following is some information about them.


Bitdefender protects every computer in an organization by blocking malware intrusions, network hacks, and tricky file-less exploits. It not only leads the pack at thwarting attacks, new and old, but the program uses a single agent to do it all, lowering the startup hurdles and system resources it requires.


You can use the free version of Avast on your Windows PC. The feature of implementing next-gen technologies in Avast is famous.

And it can fight against all kinds of viruses, malware, and cyber-threats. All the major OS like Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac are supported by Avast.

In addition to the free version, Avast has other four paid versions including Avast Pro Antivirus, Avast Internet Security, Avast Ultimate, and Avast Premier.

Bitdefender VS Avast

After knowing the basic information about Bitdefender and Avast. Now, I will introduce the information on Bitdefender and Avast form 6 aspects.


One of the main things to pay attention to when comparing different antivirus programs is how many built-in features and extra features each program has. Speaking of Bitdefender free vs Avast free, you will find that both provide very similar scan types and features.

Both Avast and Bitdefender provide email security, anti-spam, cloud anti-virus, and macro protection. You can also perform quick scans, full scans, and scans at startup for this two antivirus software.

Although Avast may have the most comprehensive scan to protect your computer, in terms of the number of features, Bitdefender does make Avast stand out. You will be able to use a password manager and VPN in Bitdefender.

Besides, Bitdefender will provide you with multiple layers of ransomware protection and a feature called Rescue Mode, which allows you to safely boot your computer and even remove the most annoying rootkits and malware.

User Interface

Then, let’s see Bitdefender vs Avast for the user interface. For people who don’t fully understand the features of antivirus programs and how they work, looking at Bitdefender’s antivirus interface may be a little overwhelming.

Avast antivirus interface is easier to understand and looks good.

If you are looking for the most comfortable and clear interface, then Avast is a great choice. If you are running the free version of Avast, you will be able to see all the missing content available to paying subscribers.

If you should accidentally click one of these buttons; you will be directed to the website asking you to upgrade.

System Performance

Anti-virus software can protect the computer with minimal impact on system speed. Thus, I will introduce Bitdefender vs Avast for system performance.

First, let’s look at the performance test results of the AV-Test Institute in April 2020. In this test, Bitdefender performed well again and scored 6 points out of 6, while Avast lags and manages to get 5.5 points out of 6.



Some cheap computers without as much RAM or processing power may have problems running these powerful programs that require a lot of energy. If you are worried about this, then it’s recommended to use the Bitdefender antivirus program.


This part is about Bitdefender vs Avast for security.

The first aspect is the virus. Viruses are one of the most common computer threats. Avast and Bitdefender are rated as the best antivirus programs around.

However, Bitdefender may have an advantage because Avast is not very good at solving the latest malware spread, but these two antivirus programs are ahead of the industry average.

The second aspect is the firewall. Avast antivirus software does provide a firewall and provides you with additional protection against programs that may harm your device.

If you know you want to add firewall protection, make sure to use it with Avast. Although Bitdefender is often praised for its innovative ways of protecting devices, it does not include firewall protection or provides a firewall in the program.

The last aspect is malware protection and phishing protection. The effectiveness of an antivirus program depends on its ability to deal with all threats comprehensively.

Although the advantages of Bitdefender from the perspective of the end-user are undeniable, Avast does have a complete set of tools to deal with security threats. Avast has a complete set of tools, each of which is dedicated to protecting you from other unique types of threats.


Maybe, you are interested in the price of them. Thus, here is the information on Avast vs Bitdefender for pricing.

Three licenses of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus cost $19.99 per year. For Bitdefender Internet Security, the second layer of protection requires up to 3 licenses per year at $39.98.

But these two products are only compatible with Windows.

For Bitdefender Total Security, the annual fee for 5 licenses is $44.99. Finally, Bitdefender Family Pack costs $69.98 per year and provides you with an unlimited number of licenses.

These two advanced products are universal, which means they are suitable for PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

As for Avast. Avast Internet Security is an entry-level product with a price of $59.99 with a PC-only license. The annual cost of Avast Premier is $69.99.

The product also protects only 1 device.

Then, for Windows-only devices, the price of Avast Ultimate is the most advanced, which costs $119.98 per device per year. Finally, the flagship MacOS product, Avast Security for 1 Mac, is priced at $59.99.

Compared with Avast, Bitdefender’s product pricing is quite reasonable, and each level provides more licenses.


The correct way to know how effective and trustworthy antivirus programs are is to look at the services they provide in terms of guarantees. As for Avast and Bitdefender, if you are not satisfied with their products, they will provide customers with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

In other words, within 30 days after purchase, you can contact any company for a full refund.

Which One to Choose?

Now, you may wonder you should choose Bitdefender or Avast?

Both Bitdefender and Avast provide excellent features. However, Bitdefender has stronger security and performance enhancements than Avast.

Thus, if you care about the feature, you should choose Bitdefender. Besides, in the aspect of security, Bitdefender is better than Avast.

What’s more, Avast has a very friendly and intuitive interface. However, what makes Bitdefender stand out is the ability to optimize its interface for casual and skilled users.

In terms of pricing, Bitdefender is far ahead of Avast. Bitdefender also provides more licenses for each product, while Avast is very expensive.

At last, in the aspect of system performance, both companies performed well in independent laboratory tests, but in both evaluations, Bitdefender outperformed Avast.

Now, you may know you should choose Avast or Bitdefender.

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Bottom Line

Here is all the information on Bitdefender free vs Avast free.  A short comparison of each of these products was created thanks to many years of experience in conducting tests and knowledge of the industry from the inside.

We allow that the reader may not agree with the opinion given, so if in doubt, we encourage you to discuss it in the comments.

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