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Avast launched its ‘One’ security suite in September 2021 including both free and paid-for tiers. Free users get the same antivirus protection and limited use of the built-in VPN service, with paying subscribers unlocking the full set of features including unlimited VPN use and the ability to choose a location.

Now, the company is adding more privacy and security features for both tiers. All users, including those with Avast One Essential, get the following:

  • Email Guardian (Windows and Mac): Works with desktop email clients to detect and block malicious attachments as well as prevent you forwarding them accidentally to others.
  • Privacy Advisor (Windows and Mac): Shows you how to set your privacy settings on Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit and other websites so you have better control over your data and how it’s used.
  • Online Safety Score (Windows and Android) : A score which tells you how ‘safe’ your device is overall, factoring in security settings, software and OS updates. The tool can give you feedback and personalised tips to improve your online safety.

Paying subscribers on the Individual and Family plans also get:

  • Scam Protection (Android only): Notifications when a suspicious link is found in messages, whether received over SMS, social media or messaging apps. Where links are deemed ‘safe’, they are automatically opened in your web browser. For possibly dangerous links, you’ll have the option to ignore the link or continue at your own risk.
  • VPN update (Windows and Mac): You can now set the VPN to connect automatically when, for example, your device connects to a public Wi-Fi network or when you log into a certain website.

If you don’t already have Avast One and want to try out the free version, you can download it from Avast’s website or install it from your Android or iPhone app store.

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