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Wire recall is a process that requires investigation and close attention to detail. Trader Defense Advisory professionals are well-versed in the process

SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, May 24, 2021 / — SCHAUMBURG, Ill., May 24, 2021 The scenario is familiar but the stories are no less wrenching. This time, it is a tale of a forex trader who identified himself as Jonathan and his devotion to an affiliate marketer who was selling a sham service on Instagram. It is the kind of tale heard all too often by experts at Trader Defense Advisory. Behind it all was a fake broker without appropriate licenses that defrauded traders of millions.

Promises and Deception of a Forex Trading Scam

According to the BBC, Jonathan’s story began with a wealthy young social media influencer showing his lavish lifestyle. He had apparently made a fortune in forex trading and was literally giving money away to strangers on the street without explanation. This fellow, who turned out to be an affiliate marketer, turned on people on Instagram to the secret behind his wealth–forex trading.

The social media influencer offered people like Jonathan tips and tricks on Whatsapp on how to trade and make millions. He also offered to make trades on behalf of clients through a service which he insisted was regulated by the FCA or the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. He also guaranteed there would be no forex withdrawal problems, and that he would be willing to release funds at any time.

This social media influencer’s organization was referred to as GS3 but it was working through a broker who did not have an FCA license and was not approved to work with UK clients, but was based in the Bahamas. Jonathan and others staked their entire life savings to the tune of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of pound sterling.

These traders were told that their trades had lost. Jonathan’s had gone from 17,000 pound sterling to a mere 48 pounds. When he asked to have his last funds sent to him, GS3 refused to release the funds and told clients that if they withdrew any of their funds, they would end up losing everything. Meanwhile, the social media influencer disappeared. Clearly, this was nothing more than a social media forex trading scam.

Trader Defense Advisory’s Advice on Wire Recall and Fund Recovery

Jonathan’s story with GS3 and the unlicensed broker in the Bahamas is a common one, according to Trader Defense Advisory, although the ending does not have to be tragic. Unfortunately, many people who are victims of scams do not file complaints because they feel despair, but services like Trader Defense Advisory can greatly improve outcomes for forex scam complaints. In some cases, clients can get full fund recovery through wire recall or at least enable authorities to catch the scam artists.

Wire recall is an intricate process that requires investigation and close attention to detail. Trader Defense Advisory professionals are well-versed in the process. In some cases, they can convince banks to enact a “fraud freeze” or to keep the funds from reaching the account of the suspected scam artists.

However, anyone requesting a fraud freeze has to support their request with evidence that the recipient is a potential scam artist. This is where Trader Defense Advisory’s investigative skills come into play as well as their vast experience working with banks.

Fund Recovery and Forex Trading Scams

No company can guarantee with absolute certainty that everyone who has been cheated in a forex trading scam will achieve full fund recovery. However, working with Trader Defense Advisory will improve your odds. Just as cybercriminals are becoming more clever at tricking people, Trader Defense Advisory updates its methods for investigating scams and wire recall.

Going it alone is not a sound option when you want to combat a scam that has stolen funds. Working with a service that has expert methods, advanced tools, and significant connections in the financial industry and with authorities is the best path to take towards fund recovery.

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