Are You a Crypto Fool? Best Ways to Find Out the Truth | #socialmedia

Don’t be a crypto fool falling for the pranks of malicious cryptocriminals

It is the time for being “April Fooled” by friends and family and having some fun. But what if you get fooled by the pranks of cryptocriminals? You become the victim of multiple crypto scams. Yes, that crypto investor is known as a crypto fool in the global cryptocurrency market. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies available in the highly volatile market. Meanwhile, cryptocriminals are eagerly waiting to seek a weak crypto investor to become a crypto fool and steal all their year-long earnings. Let’s know how to take utmost precautions to avoid being a crypto fool in the nearby future and protect cryptocurrencies from the hands of crypto scams.


Don’t be a crypto fool in 2022
Don’t believe in fake advertisements

A crypto fool will be that crypto investor who will believe in fake cryptocurrency advertisements. There are multiple fake advertisements doing rounds in the volatile cryptocurrency market to trap crypto investors in a crypto scam. You should try to avoid clicking on sponsored ad content on your internet browser while looking for cryptocurrencies.


Try to avoid social media pranks

A crypto fool is one who will step on the social media pranks posted by cryptocriminals. They tend to post multiple social media posts as a part of a crypto scam to attract crypto investors. But it is beneficial to know that no official crypto wallet company or crypto exchange will contact crypto investors through social media accounts.


Delete all suspicious links

A crypto fool tends to click on suspicious links to provide all kinds of real-time data and personal data related to investments in different cryptocurrencies. Clever crypto investors must delete and eliminate all kinds of suspicious links from their emails or social media accounts to save oneself from crypto scams.


Be careful of crypto wallets for cryptocurrencies

Fake crypto wallets to store cryptocurrencies are flourishing in the volatile cryptocurrency market. It is very difficult to identify fake crypto wallets and it is very easy to be a crypto with this prank of cryptocriminals. Thus, it is essential for crypto investors to check out the URL properly after turning on the antivirus software.


A crypto fool trusts everyone

To be the participant in the cryptocriminals’ pranks, a crypto investor will turn into a crypto fool if there is complete trust in everyone in the highly volatile and fluctuating cryptocurrency market. Thus, a crypto investor must be very careful with cryptocurrencies and strangers asking for payments in any cryptocurrency with highly lucrative investment opportunities.

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