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Question: Are file conversion websites safe to use?

Answer: It’s not uncommon to have a file sent to you in a format your computer can’t make use of and it needs to be converted.

In some cases, a program that you already have installed may be able to convert the file for you.

A common need in business is to convert a PDF file to a Word document so that it can be edited.

Current versions of Word can automatically convert the file for you simply by opening the PDF file.

Having special conversion software installed on your computer isn’t necessary if you can find a website that offers to convert the file for you.

The typical process is that you upload the file to the website, choose the format that you want it converted to and hit the ‘convert’ button.

When it’s done, you can download the converted file, but this means that the website will have a copy of your file on their servers.

If the contents of the file aren’t of a sensitive nature, say like an image or audio file, there isn’t much to be concerned about.

There can be malicious websites that pose as a file conversion tool that can easily hide malware in the converted file, so it’s important to do a little research before using any online service of this nature.

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