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Unlike March, the April Microsoft update was relatively tame when the patch update caused problems for some printers. Windows users have lost older versions of Edge prior to Chromium. Some users have seen performance issues. And Microsoft started talking about “news and interests.”

In fact, some IT managers are concerned about the last one. (This is explained in detail below.)

Old edge out, new edge in

First, Microsoft installed a new Chromium-based Edge browser this month and removed the old Edge. The browser relies on the Chromium engine, so it receives updates on the same schedule as Google Chrome.

Note: The rollout had some side effects. In the April release, the default PDF reader was reset to Edge if there were other applications configured to open PDF files. Therefore, you need to reset the default application to your liking. (This is easy to do; check out this recent YouTube video For more information, Microsoft has also moved the default download location from the bottom left to the top right of the browser window to match the download location of other browsers. For long-time Edge users like me, this takes some getting used to.

Finally, Edge updates with the same rhythm as Chrome, allowing attackers to release zero-day exploits with the same rhythm. These happen in the background, but expect Edge to get these updates. You probably won’t notice the update.

Performance impact on Windows 2004 or 20H2

Gamers running Windows 2004 or 20H2 may have a blue screen of death or lower performance than expected.As Microsoft OK“Most users affected by this issue are running the game in full-screen or borderless window mode and have more than one monitor.” Microsoft has caused these issues. Rolled back fixes other than.

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