Apple’s Passkeys aim to replace passwords, here’s why you need them | #macos | #macsecurity

You’d be forgiven for missing the Passkey announcement that came as part of Apple’s WWDC 2022 keynote. There was a lot of information there, even for a well-versed tech journalist to follow. Among MacOS Ventura features might not be as flashy as the new continuity camera or stage manager but it’s arguably far more important. 

Passkeys have the potential to completely change web security by eliminating the need for you (or even your password manager) to enter a password on a website. The theory is that if there’s no password exchanged, there’s nothing that can be compromised.  

Perhaps the most important factor though is that Passkeys aren’t a Mac-only technology. It is part of the work being done by the FIDO Alliance, which also includes Microsoft and Google, to create a passwordless internet. Apple’s version, however, will be synced between your devices using the iCloud Keychain – that’s also secured using end-to-end encryption. 

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How does Passkey work?

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