Apple WWDC 2022 Keynote Live Blog: iOS 16, WatchOS 9, MacOS Ventura, M2, Gaming and More | #macos | #macsecurity

Apple says its new Stage Manager will make multitasking a lot easier on the iPad, and it’ll work with external displays.

With Stage Manager, you can resize windows, and the dock is visible.

You can see recently used apps on the screen, and you can format the layout however you want — even with overlapping windows. (I’ve been hoping for this one!)

“Like you saw earlier, I can resize windows and rearrange everything just the way I want,” Federighi says.

With an external display, the iPad looks very MacOS-y. You can have up to eight apps running simultaneously, with four apps running on each screen. You can drag and drop across displays as well.

“It’s an entirely new way to multitask,” Federighi says, highlighting the “full external display support.”

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