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India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meity) and its nodal security agency Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) have issued a warning to Apple watch users, citing the device as a ‘high severity’ security risk. According to the warning issued, anyone running watchOS 8.7 or older is expected to be affected. 

The government agency revealed that Apple Watch carried multiple vulnerabilities which make it an ideal target for hackers. The warning mentions that remote hackers may be able to get hold of the wearer’s device and using the vulnerabilities, execute arbitrary codes and bypass security restrictions on the device. 

If the hackers do manage to break into the Apple watch remotely, they will be able to access the private information of the user. With more and more users using Apple watches to communicate sensitive data such as their bank details, the hacking could prove catastrophic.  

“These vulnerabilities exist in Apple watch due to buffer overflow in AppleAVD component; an authorization issue in AppleMobileFileInterity component; out-of-bounds write in Audio, ICU and WebKit component; type confusion in Multi-Touch component; Multiple out-of-bounds write and memory corruption in GPU Drivers component; out-of-bounds read in Kernel component; and memory initialization in libxml2 component.” the agency explained the vulnerabilities. 

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Before the watch users get panicked, Apple has already rolled out a new OS update for the watch. The watchOS 8.7 update has security updates and patches, as advised by CERT-IN.

Thus, all users need to do is update their device by installing the latest software. To do so, the user needs to be connected to a wi-fi network and make sure that the device has at least 50 per cent battery.

On the watch, one needs to open settings and tap on software update in the General section. If the update is available, it will start downloading and the user can follow the instructions from there. 

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