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Source: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore

A week after making iOS 15.2 available to the world, Apple has now made a change that ensures that is the only version of iOS available to iPhone users moving forward. Until iOS 15.3 is released, that is. As of now, Apple is no longer signing iOS 15.1.1 — a move that prevents anyone from downgrading from iOS 15.2

Apple routinely stops signing old versions of iOS for a variety of reasons. Sometimes that’s to prevent people from downgrading to allow a particular jailbreak to be used and others it’s a case of ensuring an important security patch is running on as many devices as possible. Another facet of that is to prevent people from downgrading to a less secure release to allow them to break their way through security measures. Other times Apple simply wants to make sure that people are using devices with the latest features and APIs available.

Whatever the case this time around, November’s iOS 15.1.1 update is now dead in the water and only those who already have it installed will be able to use it.

The newer iOS 15.2 update does have plenty going for it, however. A new parts and service history feature was added to show when displays, batteries, and more have been replaced. Locked iPhones can now also be reset without a computer for the first time, too.

As always, the best iPhone is an iPhone running the latest version of iOS and this latest move ensures that more people are in that position. Now we await the arrival of iOS 15.3 and the cessation of iOS 15.2 signing that will surely shortly follow.

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