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Apple has released its latest adoption data for iOS, reporting that 72 percent of all iPhones introduced in the last four years are now running a version of iOS 15, with iPadOS 15 actively installed on 57 percent of all iPads introduced over the same period.

According to Apple, 72 percent of iPhones released within the past four years are now running iOS 15, with 26 percent of those devices running iOS 14, and the remaining 2 percent running an earlier version of iOS. As a whole, 63 percent of all devices regardless of their age have installed iOS 15, with 30% percent on iOS 14 and 7 percent on iOS 13 or below.

The figures show that iOS 15 adoption is weaker than iOS 14’s install rate last year. In December last year Apple reported that 81 percent of all iPhones introduced in the last four years are now running iOS 14, showing a near 10 percent drop compared to iOS 15’s install rate, something Apple contributes to a new feature launched last year that allows users to remain on iOS 14 to receive only important security updates rather than upgrading to iOS 15.

The statistics, which are based on devices that connect to the App Store, and doesn’t include devices that download the latest software but aren’t connected to an Apple ID, reports that a total of 49 percent of all iPads regardless of their age are running iPadOS 15, with 37 percent on iPadOS 14 and the remaining 14 percent running iPadOS 13 or below.

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