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(Photo : Screenshot From Apple Official Website) Apple Safari 14.1.2 update for MacOS Catalina and Mojave Specs | Improved Security as iOS 14.7 Comes Out

Apple Safari 14.1.2 update for the macOS Catalina as well as the macOS Mojave. Apple is silently releasing a newer updated version of its popular browser, Safari, for those users that are running versions of the macOS before the gigantic macOS Big Sur 11.

Apple Safari 14.1.2 Update

According to 9to5mac, The Safari 14.1.2 is currently available for both the macOS Catalina as well as the macOS Mojave, which are two different dated macOS versions, with the inclusion of security improvements as well as bug fixes. The update follows the release of the newer iPhone iOS 14.7 update as well as the watchOS 7.6 update.

Both the iOS 14.7 update and the watchOS 7.6 update were made public just recently. The final builds of the newer macOS Big Sur 11.5 as well as the iPadOS 14.7 are still expected to be released some time soon. However, it is still unknown what exactly will the new updates bring when it comes to security improvements as of the moment. The iOS 14.7 has just rolled out with new features including combined credit limits and more.

MacOS Catalina and MacOS Mojave

On the official Apple security webpage, Apple only mentions that more details regarding the current updates will be made available some time soon. Earlier this year, Apple introduced the Safari 14.1 for the macOS Catalina as well as the macOS Mojave. Apple is planning to manufacture 90 million units for its iPhone 13 model before the end of 2021.

The new Safari 14.1 update is made to fix some serious exploit issues in WebKit that had been reportedly used to execute arbitrary code on a device even without authorization. Presumably, this could be yet another security breach in WebKit as it has been patched with the latest version of the iOS and the macOS.

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Apple New Software Update

Apple, as of the moment, is releasing the same patch for its Mac users who reportedly cannot update to the newer macOS Big Sur. The company suggests that additional details will then be revealed after an investigation in order to confirm that the security update does work.

The statement mentioned in the article notes that for the protection of their customers, Apple does not discuss, disclose, or even confirm security issues until a thorough investigation has actually occurred and the final patches or releases are generally made available. Users can simply update their own Safari by simply going to the Software Update menu in the Mac’s System Preferences app.

Although no specifications were given, Apple advises their users to update their devices in order to avail the additional security updates. As of the moment, there is still no confirmation as to what exactly those security updates are needed for. What is know is that the Safari 14.1.2 is specifically for the macOS Catalina as well as the macOS Mojave versions.

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