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Apple rewarded hacker with record breaking amount for successfully hacking Mac camera

Apple Mac/Domenico Loia

Specialist in cybersecurity Ryan Pickren was able to gain access to an Apple computer by finding a vulnerability. He demonstrated a similar trick in 2019 with an iPhone camera and microphone.

Ryan Pickren is a so-called “white hacker” – a specialist in finding vulnerabilities, who does not use them for damage and gain his own benefit, but reports the find to developers so that they can fix code defects in time. Apple assessed the level of threat and paid a decent amount.

How Much Money Apple Paid

  • Ryan is a graduate student in cybersecurity at the Georgia Institute of Technology .
  • To access the webcams and microphones of computers running macOS, he used a series of vulnerabilities in the iCloud Sharing service and Safari version 15.

While this method requires the victim to click “Open” on a pop-up from my website, it results in much more than just getting media permissions. It gives the attacker full access to all websites the victim has ever visited. This means that in addition to turning on your camera, my method also allows you to hack into your iCloud, PayPal, Facebook, Gmail and other accounts,
– says the researcher.

  • By studying the code of Apple products, he discovered an app called ShareBear.
  • This is related to the iCloud Sharing document sharing feature.
  • The bottom line is that after accepting an invitation to collaborate on a document, the system remembers this and subsequently simply opens this file without additional checks.
  • As it turned out, after that, the source file can be replaced by any other, including harmful, that starts the code execution.

Apple patched the security hole it found in early 2022. Pickren received a $100,500 reward from the company for her discovery. According to him, this is the largest amount that Apple has ever paid out as part of its security program. By the way, the company paid him $75,000 for hacking an iPhone in 2019.

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