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Apple has already provided developers access to the third beta of macOS 13 Ventura. Here are some things you could expect as it is set to launch this fall.

Apple Provides Developers Access to MacOS 13 Ventura

Apple has released the third beta of macOS 13 Ventura, the newest Mac operating system that offers top-of-the-line features. It is set to launch this fall, but developers get to try it before it is launched to the public. The third beta arrived two weeks after Apple made the second beta available to developers.

Only the registered developers will be able to access the beta via the Apple Developer Center. Once installed, betas will be accessible via the Software Update mechanism in System Preferences. macOS Ventura now features a new Stage Manager, an innovative feature that allows Mac users to focus on a job while having other programs available for simple task switching.

The update also covers the Continuity Camera feature, which lets users utilize their iPhone devices as a webcam accessory for their Mac. Some of the other highly-anticipated additions are Center Stage, Workspace View, and Studio Light.

An expansion of the Handoff feature has been added for FaceTime which was not supported in the previous macOS versions. For new users, this feature lets you switch calls between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac anytime. Like most messaging apps, Messages can now be managed much easier than before. The update will allow options for users to mark an iMessage as unread. They can also either unsend an iMessage or mark one as unread. SharePlay is now available in the Messages app as well.

The Mail app now provides an option for users to schedule and undo emails for up to 10 seconds after they’ve been sent. System Preferences has been renamed System Settings, which now has an iOS-style look.

Ventura adds an enhancement to the browser as well. Safari will now support a Shared Tab Groups feature as Apple continues to work on Passkeys, their newest credential and authentication method to replace the traditional password-based security. Spotlight has been updated, Photo Library has new capabilities, and Metal 3 is integrated with macOS Ventura for improved visuals in games.

There will be a new trackpad gesture for movies and videos in the macOS settings. The videos are included in the “Trackpad” area, and settings, such as tap to click, secondary click, and more will be supported under Ventura.

Apple Puts More User Privacy Safeguards Against Mercenary Spyware

Apart from Ventura, Apple also recently announced two projects designed to help consumers who may be under the radar of some digital threats, such as those developed by private organizations manufacturing state-sponsored mercenary malware. The feature will be called the Lockdown Mode, which is considered by many as an extreme, optional defense for the number of customers who believe they might be facing grave, targeted threats to their digital security.

In addition to that, Apple has earmarked over $10 million for cybersecurity funds that will be made available to the public in November. The objective of the fund is to help civil society organizations that engage in mercenary spyware threat research and advocacy.

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