Apple MacBook M1 malware has debuted and it’s dangerous – here’s the details | #mac | #macos | #macsecurity

Apple’s hardware has the long-standing reputation of being more immune to malware; mainly, this is because Apple’s machines are less popular, giving less avenue of attack for attackers’ pernicious payloads. That is, until now: hackers have debuted malware specifically geared to run on Apple’s M1 processors, including the Mac Mini, MacBook Pro 13-inch M1, MacBook Air M1 (2020).

When Apple launched the M1 chip, it deviated from the Intel x86 architecture, giving the Cupertino-giant the ability to streamline its security features under one hood, natively baking protections into its processors. With all manner of dangerous malware already so endemic to hardware and browsers, the very first Apple M1 MacBook malware reports have now surfaced from veteran MacBook security researcher, Patrick Wardle, who has published research around a malicious Safari adware extension. 

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