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Apple M1 iMac was torn apart to see what’s inside. It has already been a few years since the folks over at iFixit might have had a brand new Apple iMac to tear apart but now, with the new Apple M1 iMac, there might be new things to discover.

Apple M1 iMac 24-inch VS 27-inch

According to the iFixit, Apple M1 iMac, the company reportedly attacked Apple by releasing a new 24-inch model. When the new Apple M1 iMac came out in comparison to the 2014’s 5K iMac design, the thing that reportedly jumps out is basically how little space the computer parts take up.

The new Apple M1 iMac chip, RAM, associated hardware, and everything else is finally stuffed into a really narrow logic board that could fit entirely just within the desktop’s small chin. According to the story by engadget, a new X-ray shot reveals that while the unit hides its antennas somewhere inside the Apple logo, they aren’t really shaped like the usual apple this time.

Apple SSD or RAM

It also does not really look like there are any hidden SSD or RAM expansion slots somewhere although it’s mostly known that not a lot of people upgrade their Apple machines later on instead of buying the prebuilt Apple with different specs. iFixit’s own teardown is now still ongoing.

The iFixit post starts off asking whether the new Apple M1 iMac is just another silly-sized Apple M1 iPad, an Apple M1 Mac Mini stretched out just like a pizza dough, a detached-keyboard Apple M1 MacBook. iFixit also has a YouTube channel that covers the breakdown of the Apple M1 iMac.

Apple-shaped Antenna Located Inside

An X-ray of the new Apple M1 iMac found out that the iMac’s interior is now dominated by two large metal plates. The Apple logo also provides a really convenient RF pass-thru for some of its antenna hardware. 

Unlike the past, however, the antenna itself ends up not being Apple-shaped. Almost all of the silicon found inside is actually concentrated into certain narrow horizontal strips located at the top of the display board as well as the bottom with the main logic board. For those that have seen the other M1 Mac teardowns, the findings are quite expected.

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Apple Identifying Numbers

The Apple Magic Keyboard bundle gets its first update since back in 2017 which features iMac-matching color choices, rounder-er corners, and even reorganized function keys. It also includes shiny new identifying numbers like the EMC 3579 and A2449.

The new Touch ID sensor located at the top looks nothing like the regular MacBook Touch ID. It is also a dead ringer for a new iPhone home button. The Touch ID’s first-ever appearance in a peripheral along with some interesting security and repair implications. 

Apple has always managed to lock each device’s original Touch ID button to its own logic board for security. This makes replacements problematic at best.


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