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Enterprise users can now wrap a new layer of security around their web services, thanks to Apple’s introduction of support for USB security keys in Safari 13.0.1.

Enterprise-class security

Dongles aren’t a terribly convenient security protection for most people, but government, military and regulated industries are always searching out new ways to secure themselves and their data.

FIDO2-compliant USB security keys – such as those made by Yubico – add a layer of security to the verification process: Not only must users enter passwords and potentially use biometric authentication such as Touch/Face ID, but they must also insert and authorize a USB security key.

(Many enterprises may add geolocation to this mix.)

The idea is that not only must a user confirm they are using traditional protections, but must also prove themselves with possession of the hardware key and may also be required to access a site or service from a specific location or even on specific network(s).

Security keys for Macs and iPhones

Yubico introduced the YubiKey 5Ci for iOS devices earlier this year, working in partnership with password management providers including 1Password, Bitwarden, Dashlane, Idaptive, LastPass and Okta. There are also high-profile services that support these authentication technologies, such as GitHub, and alternative hardware key providers, including Titan.

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