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Apple has recently released the iOS 14.6 for the public to download, joined by the iPadOS 14.6, arriving only a month after the iOS 14.5, to bring a variety of major features and support for Apple products. It includes Apple Music’s Lossless and Spatial Audio, Apple Card’s Family option, and AirTag’s update for new features. 

This was an unexpected drop from Apple, especially as the iOS 14.5 was more than 2 months in the making, only seeing a release date of the software update last April 20, alongside the Spring Loaded event. Nonetheless, it has brought a lot of features that have been teased for the initial months and its beta testing opened to the public.

Apple’s latest operating system for its iPhones and iPad marks the sixth major update for the iOS 14, which is still a fairly new OS for the company, bringing a lot of beta features to the industry before its public release. The arrival of the early iPad Pro 2021 (non-mini LED) will be the latest Apple product to receive the latest OS update, fully maximizing the tablet’s soon arrival. 

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Apple iOS 14.6 Features

According to Mac Rumors, the iOS 14.6 has rolled out to the public and is available to be downloaded directly to the Settings of an Apple device, General > Software Update, and install on one’s device. If it is still unavailable, users would have to wait for Apple to drop it via Settings, or check their website for a manual update. 

Despite being announced for the iOS 14.5, Apple Watch’s iPhone unlocks despite wearing a face mask comes for iOS 14.6, and is now available to be used without the need to remove the covering. 

Apple Music Lossless and Spatial Audio Support

Apple Music’s Lossless and Spatial Audio support has arrived for the iOS 14.6, but would not be available until next month, June, for its full capabilities. 

What does this update mean? Apple Music’s latest features can now support or perform these new functions but are awaiting for the service to bring the new audio types in the next month.

Apple Card Family

Part of iOS 14.6 is another recently announced venture for Apple Card, and this is the Family accessibility which uses only one card for up to four users registered under its account. This feature could allow the proprietary owner to monitor the different purchases and transactions made with the card. 

Apple AirTags New Capabilities 

AirTags’ new Find My feature is coming, and it focuses on owner security first, especially with its Lost Mode which uses phone numbers and shows sensitive information. 

The iOS 14.6 also brings an update for Podcasts and Accessibility, bringing improved usage of the app and feature.

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