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Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) settled a federal lawsuit against the security firm Corellium on Tuesday, the Washington Post reported.

What Happened: The Tim Cook-led company’s case was slated to go on trial in a Florida federal court on Aug. 16, as per the Post.

The 2019 lawsuit pertained to Corellium’s virtual iPhones which allow security experts to test iPhone software on computers instead of the actual devices.

The Post confirmed that Corellium continues to sell its virtual iOS devices. No terms of the settlement were disclosed.

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Why It Matters: In December, a Florida court dismissed copyright infringement claims made by Apple against Corellium. A district court judge ruled at the time that Corellium’s software emulation was “fair use.”

Apple made allegations in the suit that Corellium violated its copyrights and that the latter’s products violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, reported the Post.

Apple lawyers reportedly accused Corellium of selling products to government agencies that could have led to the discovery of flaws in the iPhone maker’s software.
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Corellium co-founder David Wang assisted the FBI in unlocking an iPhone belonging to a terrorist involved in the 2015 San Bernardino attack while he was under the employ of Azimuth Security, an Australian company, the Post reported.
Price Action: Apple shares closed 0.34% lower at $145.60 in the after-hours session on Tuesday.

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