Apple Fixes Wi-Fi Bug That Disabled Wi-Fi on iPhones With Latest iOS 14.7 Beta | #ios | #apple | #iossecurity

Last month, a bug in Apple’s iOS was found that led to several network names to disable Wi-Fi on iPhones altogether. Now, Apple seems to have fixed this bug in the latest beta of iOS 14.7, which Apple released to developers and public beta testers on Friday, July 9. The bug was last month discovered by a security researcher. The bug allowed several network names to completely disable an iPhone’s Wi-Fi nd use other networking features like AirDrop. In some instances, the problem was fixable by resetting your iPhone’s network settings in the Settings app, but it wasn’t the case always.

The bug in Apple’s iOS related to the ‘%’ character in Wi-Fi name. This meant that any Wi-Fi name that has the ‘%’ sign in it could potentially disable your iPhone’s Wi-Fi. The bug was found last month by a security researcher named Carl Schou. Schou said that he found the bug after joining a Wi-Fi network named “%p%s%s%s%s%n.” This let his iPhone‘s Wi-Fi functionality “permanently disabled.” The presence of a ‘%’ sign led to an input parsing issue where iOS mistakenly interpreted the letters following the ‘%’ sign as a string-format specifier and not text.

The fix with iOS 14.7 beta was first found by YouTuber Zollotech, who detailed the change in a video. Now, if an iPhone is running on iOS 14.7, it will connect to any Wi-Fi network as expected. iOS 14.7 is only available to developers and beta testers as of now and there is still no word on the date of the public rollout. In the meantime, iPhone users are advised to keep an eye out for any Wi-Fi networks with percent symbols in their name.

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