Apple confirmed that I’ve been hacked. Now what? | #emailsecurity

Let me start by stating that this is not my wheelhouse. However, since the initial hack in 2019 – and dealing with many teams – I know a tiny bit.


My iOS was cracked and my MacBook Air 2018 was infiltrated. It’s under investigation but believed to be someone I know who cracked my router from the street.


Apple has been a nightmare, until the other day. If it’s not one issue, its another. I was granted a new iPhone, computer and changed my phone number and iCloud yet the problem persisted for 3 years now.


Just this months calls: I uncover my camera and take a video – 

+someone is taking pictures if I uncover my camera

+I got a strange message that said I’m being key stroked.

+My battery health is poor and it says that photoslibraryd is using all the energy. I don’t use iCloud anymore. the photos is never open either.

+there were 5 full access root certificates installed on my computer under the Department of Defense, NSA…

+I wasn’t on the computer yesterday at all. I attached what my battery info said. I just discovered this now.



The flagged certificates is what got engineering involved – especially because they were actually tied to someone’s name and email. I contacted this person who I don’t know and it got ugly. He is saying he’s a marine, which I doubt – but his office is in the same building that I went to law school in.


I digress. Apple carbon copied my sysdiagnoses (I think that’s the name) since this is not going away. I was told that the engineers would get back in a few weeks. They responded in about 4 hours and again, copied my computer. I was then contacted by law enforcement, but here’s the issue….


I got a call from a member of the team I’m working with two days ago. He bluntly told me that Apple is solely concerned with patching holes concerning compromised passwords etc. and that my issue should be handed off to the FBI. Someone has full access to my life. My passwords have never been changed. The only odd thing was I was bumped off admin last month.


I don’t know what to do anymore. I run so many diagnostics on this computer and I’m just sick of it.


I need help from someone in cyber security and all I know is white hat/black hat. It was suggested I hire a private investigator specializing in cyber crimes. But….I’m lost on where to find a white hat.


The FBI is going to get involved, which is going to be really bad. But I want to know who has terrorized me for these three years so I can sue them civilly as well. My life has not been mine, and I was told that this hole (that has a $7mm bounty) will follow me from MacBook Air to MacBook/iPhone to iPhone. I was actually told to get a burner phone and stop using my laptop.


This is so long but I am so confused. I have over 500 screenshots of everything. Does anyone know where I can turn?



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