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Tesla’s operating system features a variety of built-in-features, such as having the ability to play AAA video games like The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 inside the car and more awesome features.

However, there is one feature that is strikingly missing.

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The support for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is still not enabled in the car’s operating system. But this problem might soon be solved when Michal Gapiński figured out a way to hack support for both systems into Tesla.

Through using a web browser, two Raspberry Pis, several add-ons and cables, and of course Android, Gapiński might have cracked the code.

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The Android Tesla Project

Gapiński calls this hack the Android Tesla Project, which provides an Android Auto interface that can be easily accessible through the car’s built-in web browser. Although, The Verge noted that isn’t the first time that a project attempted to hack a car’s system using its browser, what Gapiński did is emulate the entire tablet, which is something that is taken to the “next level.” 

The hacker pitched this as an alpha, which meant that it is not a basic form of hacking and it could be tedious. The hardware page of Android Tesla noted that one needs a Raspberry Pi 4 to run Android, a Raspberry Pi 3 or up to run Linux (which will capture the video and shuffle it to the Tesla computer using Wi-Fi), cables, and add-on cards for HDMI and LTE.

The software setup process and moving all the hardware in the car is of course very lengthy since you will have to connect your Tesla to the Pi’s Wi-Fi network and input an IP address in the car’s web browser.

Once you are greeted by Android, you will be able to launch an app responsible for CarPlay and Android Auto, effectively making your phone’s native music interface, maps, and other features accessible.

According to Gapiński’s video, the experience isn’t exactly smooth-sailing and navigation audio instructions need to be fixed as well. However, it is still fairly functional. 

It must be noted that this project is still very much in its development. Gapiński wrote in his site that the two Raspberry Pis may not be necessary in the future and that his aim for the hack is to run on a lone Raspberry Pi 4. 

It is also not as easy as a “one-or two-step installation” process, but the instructions he provided may not be as unfamiliar to users with Linux or have background in modding. Gapiński is still working on his goal to make the hack an installation that could be successful in just a few minutes.

The Verge added that even if CarPlay will serve as a major selling point of Tesla Android, it can still work with Android Auto and the entire Android tablet interface that you need to use.

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